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NSW 2011 Honda CB125E

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' at netrider.net.au started by wolfe, Jun 11, 2016.

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    Purchased 11/05/2016 to get me through my learners. I passed and it's time to hand this bike over to another learner! This bike is exactly the same model used for training and P's testing at the HART Rider training/testing centre in St Ives.

    Excellent condition, rides well. No oil leaks, no grime on the engine. Plenty of tread on the tires. Some minor wear on the seat and a tiny stone-ding in the tank (not mine!). Left side mirror needs replacing (I bought it like that and never got around to fixing it.) Fitted with after-market indicators.

    Not dropped under my care. Doesn't appear to have been dropped before either.

    Rego MPG87 - Registered to 7/01/2017

    Test rides OK after I snap a photo of your valid licence or permit. BYO helmet! You drop it, you buy it!

    Not interested in trades, sorry. I'm going back to uni and will be taking the free uni bus!
    Sorry, no shipping or delivery. Buy and collect from Forestville 2087

    20160519_121100. 20160519_121118. 20160519_121131. 20160519_121143. 20160519_121151. 20160519_121201. 20160519_121211. 20160519_121225. 20160519_121232. 20160519_121245. 20160519_121256. 20160519_121315.

    I'm an eejit, forgot the price! Thanks for the reminder. $1500

    Per advice, test rides with full deposit. BYO valid licence and helmet.