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2011 gsxr750

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by entheos, May 4, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    I've been a long time between posts...

    I've had 3 bikes so far... a 1988 GPX250 for my L's and P's... Then I owned a K2 Suzuki GSXR600 (modded with Powercommander, jets, cams, exhaust) until a mate wrote that off (thankfully not writing himself off at the same time). After that I owned a K3 Suzuki GSXR750 with Yoshi Pipe only. To buy my focus XR5 I had to sell the 750...and I miss it... So only yesterday I took the plunge and got back into the motorcycle world...


    The bike is a 2011 GSXR750. Originally sold/registered September last year (8 months ago so still has 16 months Factory Warranty) and the bloke put the Yoshi full Carbon Exhaust on, Yoshi fender eliminator and only 2500kms. This means I'm buying a bike which is IDENTICAL to a 2012 model but with $2000 of mods on it and getting it for $4000 less than the current driveaway deal on the 2012 model...essentially a $6000 saving for a bike which is almost brand new. Got a seat and gloves chucked into a slightly discounted deal, and I head to Canberra to pick it up on Tuesday!! So damn excited!!!

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  2. Actually someone here might be able to shed some light onto this side comment by the guy as well...

    He mentioned that it had Titan Levers....this means nothing to me....can someone clarify this? Brake/clutch levers? Gear lever? another lever? What's the benefit?

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  4. Whoa.. !! ScoRe..!!
    2500km/s is nothing! Another Gixxer in da house !!

    Should get these levers ...
  5. Nice bike,

    If I could have my time again, I'd probably get the 750 gixxer.
  6. Nice looking bike.. Congrats on the purchase.
  7. Thanks folks. I'm really excited about the deal...it just seemed so right....and really the bike has only just been ridden in, and I don't have to worry about certain speeds and times and stuff...and I certainly don't have to expose the bike to a trip from Canberra - Sydney on it's first ever ride... Perfect solution really. And a good saving. :) Can't wait to get it home and remove a couple of the yoshi stickers and give it a good detail!!

  8. Love it
  9. nice man congrats on the purchase. any mods planned?
  10. Not really...I'm getting data dot fitted and I'll probably get an ignitor alarm later... Just an oil and filter change when I get it back to sydney...then pay stamp duty/transfer and then start paying it off!! :p Hit it hard and own it sooner!

    Might do and air filter, and MAYBE a power commander (cause I had one of these on my old 600 and it was very very impressive) however I don't know if this is still the 'tuning' option of choice... Really it's gonna make enough power to keep me happy for a good while yet...and I gotta get my confidence back...it's been 3 years not having ridden...although the trip home will probably be a good refresher. :p May come home via mac pass.... who knows...I think I'll be keen to just get home though...
  11. same sentiments on removing the yoshi stickers lol. wicked exhaust they make tho and congrats have fun!
  12. yeah my first big bike I bought had the entire shopping list along the bottom when I bought it...I think I left that on it, however I really do prefer the clean look. I'll probably take most of them off....Might leave one or 2 MAYBE, but I'd say I'll end up with them all off...

    I'm looking forward to it...so is the better half actually...which kinda surprised me, but she does love going fast!!! So that's a positive...
  13. Ok,

    Couldn't wait to get pics up...so here they come...





    So much stopping power!!!

    The brembo brakes

    Nice little rear tyre hugger...part of the deal was Datadot technology for a discount on my Bike insurance...

    Exhaust has been changed to a Yoshimura R77D Slip on... I thought they mentioned it had the centre pipe and headers too, however when I got there this was not the case....sounds good though...makes a huge difference to the sound.

    Rear Fender eliminator has been fitted.

    And the token instagram shot!!

    It's chalk and cheese compared to my old gixxers...initially it doesn't feel like it wants to turn in on a corner, but as soon as it does, it really lies down flat and holds the line!!! Today I have a sore saddle, sore hands and arms, back is in a little bit of pain, and I felt a little funny when i got home last night...I thought I sat down and just realised what I'd done...but it was cause I hadn't had much to eat, and certainly didn't drink enough...and I sweated like you wouldn't believe under the jacket...It was a good ride back from canberra, however by the time I got home my arms were sick of vibrating, and my hands were sore from not being used to that position and the heavy heavy clutch once I got back into town...

    Looking forward to the journey though!!
  14. How do the Brembos compared to the Tokicos on your old one?
  15. They seem pretty on par with each other, I haven't really had a chance to need to do any big stopping......however these bloody levers are painful...well, I don't like them personally...the dealer didn't have the originals, so I'm hoping someone who wants them and has a 2011-2012 gsxr750 and I'm guessing 600 are the same, maybe based in NSW and we can do a straight swap...
  16. Nice Bike
    I think he means TITAX levers
  17. Unless you plan on taking it to the track or fitting a quick shifter, I don't see why you'd need a power commander..

    Be sure to get rid of those chicken strips the previous owner left for you :)

    Nice buy!!
  18. Hell yes, very nice.. I want one
  19. I think there is a big difference between the Tokicos and the Brembos. Try giving the bike some beans and then hit the anchors. The Tokicos feel spongy compared to the Brembos.
    Put some braided lines on and you'll have even better feel and stopping power.

    Nice looking bike and I really like the can you have put on the bike......very nice and it must sound sweet.

  20. Well hello Groomster :)