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2011 gsxr 600/750

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by kiet88, Oct 13, 2010.

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  2. black with red hilights, omg hide the cheque book!
  3. Definitely agree with Thera on Black/Red GSXR750...very nice looking indeed !
  4. Ooh... did someone slam it's face in a door? Haha. Personal opinion of course, but I don't like where they're going with the styling. Cutting down the fairing it seems from past models, it's just a bit too gsx-f for me. And the stubby nose and tail, yeck. I perfer the sharper contours, have the orange '08 model and love it to death.


    mmmmmm :)
  5. 8kg lighter, shorter wheelbase, big piston forks...

    They've gone backwards with the looks though - headlight looks more like a K5 than the last generation, which is a shame... really liked the sharp angles of the recent one rather than the heavy, chunky looking mid-decade models.

    I'd still have one if someone was giving them away of course.
  6. Styling wise I'm half way in the middle. Defiantly looks more like an 07 - but i kinda preferred that look.

    I wonder if we look at the stats, how long ago a gsxr1000 had the same kind of power to weight? It has to be close by now.
  7. Where's the power figures? 148hp?
  8. I like the Glass Sparkle Black with Red on the 750. Why oh why couldn't they paint the 650F with that scheme? :(
  9. Love it. My opinion is that the 750 would be one of the best midrange sports bike that is able to mix it with the best.
  10. agreed.. then have gone backwards with the "new" headlight design. kinda of reminds me of an outline of a police badge... and it looks like no more projector lights
  11. Don't like it at all... the looks that is, specs seem great. But that headlight.... vomit.
  12. maybe they thought that by making it look slower (read here: safer), that more people would buy them? lol

    the whole design department must be on leave or something because suzuki's styling of late has been questionable i.e. sfv650 gladius, the new gsr750 naked (kwaka anyone) and the 2011 range of gsxr (i know these aren't the only bikes they sell but in 3 attempts to boost sales...bleh)

    aesthetically they've ruined the gsxr range. completely. end of discussion.

    ...on the other hand, KTM's new mini-duke 125 looks cool!
  13. new styling is really a hit or a miss.

    - Looks more like a Rosella or a parrot now. (Always thought previous GSXR's looked like a 'phoenix')

    - I'm not sure they did such a good job mixing the typical 'suzuki blue' with the 2010 'dark blue'
    - Removed headlight projector (headlight looks so retro/old)

    - Showa forks & brembo brakes are nice.
  14. Nearly always when you see those high end names on oem bikes it's not the aftermarket stuff but a cheap version of it.
    Usually if you bought a set of aftermarket brakes/shocks you will always end up with a better product.

    brand names for the masses.
  15. If the "cheap" version are crap, it'll just do harm to Brembo. I don't think Brembo are that stupid.

  16. True, but that's certainly been the case with tyres in recent years.
  17. Definitely don't like the headlight, or the indicators on the back of the mirrors.
  18. Any idea when these will be available in Aus?
  19. No idea sorry akaluke,

    After seeing it in the flesh at the motogp though I can say it does look pretty impressive. Its in my opinion an improvement over last years look, but by how much I'm not really sure.

    One thing we can probably all agree on is the styling of these new supersport bikes tends to be different, rather than better. I thought the same thing with the new zx10r, and the 08 firblade when it came out. I never thought they looked better, only different.

    Whats the bet though the new gsxr will fly though. Less weight and higher spec gear i recon it'll be a hoot.