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2011 GSX-R750 (new shape) Factory Warranty

Discussion in 'Archived' started by entheos, Jan 21, 2013.

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  1. Hey guys,

    It's official... I have to sell the bike. Not for any other reason that I can't ride it comfortably after my back injury earlier this year.

    If you're interested in, or know someone looking, a bike which is basically new, rides like new, and has very low kms on it, still under factory warranty...THIS is the bike for you!!


    2011 GSX-R750 (updated shape with the shorter sheelbase - makes it super agile)
    Rego till March 2013
    Generic Black and Yellow plates on it...personalised plates in storage
    Yoshimura Slip on R77D Muffler
    Titax Levers
    Yoshimura Fender eliminator / Tidy Tail

    Still all original parts in box

    2 original Keys

    Data Dot tracking
    Tyre and Rim Protection Till March 2014

    Original Log books and service history.

    2L of High performance oil still left in bottle. Oil and filter replaced at 3200kms after original 1000kms service. Oil still clear and light golden.

    Ready to ride away.

    Bike is still under Finance with GE. Payout is a little above this, however I'm prepared to throw some money at it to sell it. When buyer takes delivery of it, will be sold with clear title.

    If you have a mate who is looking for a bike and they buy it off me at $12,990 I'll pay you a spotters fee. ;)






    PM me for any more details and my number. :)

    Thanks to Bourney for the pics!!

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  2. Nice gixxer, so thats the brembo model yeah? Shame you have to sell. Shouldn't last long at this price! I'll keep an ear out, see if anyone is keen ;-)
  3. Yep, this is the Brembo Model.

    I've gotta get it out of the shed...it's killing me that I can't ride it and no-one else is...
  4. If I was in Sydney, I'd happily take it out for you lol ;-)
  5. Price check!!

    $12,400 if someone is keen. I gotta sell it!!!
  6. OK. Just got word yesterday that I'm moving to America half way through this year. I have a bike sitting in the garage not being ridden...ok...once a week down to church (literally) to keep it running over.

    $11390 - priced for urgent sale!!! Bike will be sold with a clear title.
  7. That's competitive. G'luck with the sale and the move.
  8. bike sold pending payment...
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