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2011 Fatboy

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by kingy, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Afternoon Ladies and Gents..

    my old man wants to buy a new toy.. he already owns a FJR1300 2010 model but wants a cruiser aswell.. he has a few mates with Harleys and wants to get a harley so he can attended the HOG rides as he cant find anyone to ride with him on his FJR...

    i have been trying to tell him there are some nice Jap bikes getting around that look like hogs and dont come with the price tag...

    he is looking for around a 1300cc +....

    i suggest the Yamaha Warrior or the honda VTX1800..

    both of these bikes he doesn't like the look of..

    any other bikes on the market that you think might be able to change his mind from the hog ????

  2. I doubt that he will be able to attend HOG rides on a Jap clone.

    Generally you have to remember that whilst the Jap bikes are cheaper Harley typically hold their value better. Though with the US dollar heading south they are losing that to some extent.

    Personally I think buying a Harley is a yes no decision, if you want one nothing else will do.
  3. well sorry i forgot to add that he only wants a Harley to ride with a few people... i ride with a social club where no Harley's are allowed.. he can join us on our rides which are every weekend..
  4. How about:

    Suzuki M50
    Triumph thunderbird Storm
  5. the M50 he has already owned in the past the M50 is only a 800cc aswell...

    the M109 is the big cruiser but they are just down right ugly...
    never been a fan of the triumph bikes...

    i suggested looking at the new victory but unsure on what they are like
  6. yamaha road star ? I think thats the name, fat looker, torque a plenty
  7. i believe that's what i have already suggested him the road star warrior or it might be a different thing all together.. unsure
  8. By all accounts the Victory's are superior to Harley. I haven't ridden one myself, but comparing them at stand still the overall finish seems better on the Victory and they are cheaper as well.
  9. Triumph Thunderbird Storm 2011 has got excellent reviews. Wortwhile checking it out.

    One HERE
  10. Nice bike, not short arse friendly though.
    Seat height is fine but the pegs are set too much forward for me.
  11. And another review HERE from Total Motorcycle & they generally are pretty good!
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  13. All Triumph's should allow membership to the Riders Association of Triumph (RAT), which is pretty much like the HOG but for Triumph's. Plus the Storm looks way better than most Harleys. Having said that, its his choice.
  14. jesus that storm looks wicked... i get wet over twin headlights
  15. & from what I've heard and read - the wetness getter even more wetter whilst actually riding it. :D
  16. mmm he isnt a fan of the trumpy but then again he has never seen it in person
  17. #18 Dougz, Aug 3, 2011
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    Ridden a Victory. Blew me away with its quality and engine compared to a HD. Would buy one in a heartbeat.
  18. my pick would be triumph rocket 3, lots of bike for your money... looks good shiney or blacked out...
    from hd i kinda like the vrod more than anything else theyre serving up at the mo.
  19. I agree...The V-Rod is the best looking bike ATM. And maybe Dyna Fat Bob as well (though it looks too much like the Triumph).