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2011 DRZ400SM - FCR39, MRD/SSW + More

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Booki, Aug 13, 2012.

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  1. More of a expression of interest thread, details are as follows

    Short Version - NO expense spared, top quality parts (lots imported), merticulously maintained, tastefully modded, LOTS of money spent, low km's/hours, FULL service history, owned since brand new, purchased 24/06/2011. 3305km's. Never been dropped.
    Ideal for someone on there L's who want a immaculate condition DRZ400SM with everything already done to it. You will NOT be disappointed with this bike.
    Located in VIC

    Price: $8,000 - May swap for Street Triple R or Daytona 675 R....or some other road bike. Super Sports, Street Fighters, Nakeds.

    Long Version:
    Comes with everything you see in the pictures;

    Mods to the bike:
    Hour meter
    Cycra pro bend hand guards
    Zeta Blue engine plugs
    Case guards
    Zeta Blue Axel Blocks
    Pair Valve System Removed
    3x3 Mod
    FCR39 Carb
    R/D Flex Jet for FCR
    MRD/SSW Exhaust
    MRD/SSW quiet insert with spark arrestor
    Edge Tail Light
    No Toil Air Filter
    Unibiker blue radiator guards
    Stock 15 tooth sprocket
    Still on original tyres, chain, sprockets
    Zeta Blue magnetic Sump bolt

    Spares/Stock Parts:
    No toil airbox cover
    Drc blue radiator hoses
    3x set aftermarket indicators
    Crush washers
    1x kn oil filter
    2x hiflo filtro oil filters
    4x tusk first line oil filters
    13 tooth front sprocket
    14 tooth front sprocket
    Aftermarket rear view mirrors
    Merge accelerator pump spring for fcr carb
    Zeta oil dip stick
    Manual cam chain tensioner
    MRD/SSW Open Insert
    FCR 100 Main air jet
    4x iridium spark plugs
    Stock Axel blocks
    Stock fcr fuel screw
    Stock Air. Box snorkel
    Stock Engine plugs
    Stock Misc Connectors
    Stock Tool pouch
    Stock Carb
    Stock misc bolts/nuts
    Stock seat Carry strap
    Stock Sump bolt
    Stock Triple clamp bolts
    Stock Plastic Radiator guards
    Stock Stand sensor
    Stock Indicators
    Original Brake Light/Number Plate holder
    Original Exhaust and Header
    Original Cable sheathing
    Stock Pair Valve System
    Standard Brake Leaver
    Standard Clutch Leaver
    Misc instructions/invoices
    2x keys
    Instruction Manual
    Full service history

    Pics Taken Today:
    http://s1221.photobucket.com/albums/dd466/m0tyrider/DRZ400SM For Sale/?albumview=slideshow
  2. ....Swaps....or offers?
  3. Let a friend of mine know about it ... he may be interested
  4. Price drop - from $9500 to $8000
  5. This still for sale? where abouts in Melbourne are you located :)?

    Edit: Answered both of my questions by finding it on bikesales.
    Ill have to have a hard think about this, want to buy, but will have to sell my 250, which will take forever with the amount of them for sale :(
  6. Still for sale, though now listed on eBay
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.