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QLD 2011 CBR600rr

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by rrman99, May 18, 2014.

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  1. hey all just got a 2011 cbr600rr repsol,,,plated dec 10,,,,,while looking for parts for the rear came up with 600 r ,rr,rrA,rrc anyway under the rear seat cowl says 600rrB ,,as its had a fender eliminator done with combined blinker tail stop light ,,told illegal Australia wide ,,,so putting back to factory spec,,,,Has to be done for roadie ,,,,also if some who has a 09 to 12 600rr that is still stock no mods to rear ,,Can u help me out and post a pic as I need to see under the rear to see what is needed ,,,As the pics I bring up don't show the underside anyway thanks and cheers

  2. I'm sure someone knows all the ins and outs (or the unders and overs) of the 600 derrière.
  3. even a good picture of the rear ,,Is hard to find ,,,
  4. Pretty sure 07 onwards is compatible. only the side fairings changed slightly on the 09. I actually have an 07 which I have turned into track bike 6 months ago. I sold some of the road gear but from memory I may still have the rear fender/plate holder and possibly indicators. I'll have a search around in the next couple of days.
  5. Are you sure it's a factory Repsol?, I might be wrong, but I didn't think factory Repsols were sold in Australia.
    Might be a 600 with aftermarket fairings? Just curious.
  6. hey thanks for reply would be good if you scout around for the rear fender and parts ,,,and don't know if its a factory repsol ,,how do I check ??? also the bike shop here had a few repsols late last year ,,In his shop ,,
  7. Eddie VH is right, there was no Respsol 600. That said, it appears there's a run for 2013 bike orders are being taken on bikesales by the looks of things. Doesn't say how limited the run is.

    Check the inside of the fairings for a genuine Honda stamp is the easiest way - i don't think you'l find one.

    I have or had a spare rear fender unit and blinkers for both a black 2011 and a 2012. I sold one set, not sure which one's left. One's black/black, one's black/silver.I'll have a look later.
  8. to the repsol after digging ,found out its a grey phoenix, ,,so has a repsol kit on it ,,,Eddie cheers any thing I can get at the moment will be great ,,also looking for the heat shield that goes between the set and rear pipe ,,and think there is a cover that sits on the exhaust under it that covers it ,,,cheers for the replies appreciated ,,also not good with grammar or spelling sorry for it.... also any ideas what a limited edition grey could be worth ,,,as the bike came from The ACT like I said lots of digging 20,000k on it ,,cheers
  9. after much digging ,,,And finally finding out the original dealer who sold the bike ,,,,,
    Im lead to believe its actually a grey phoenix ,,,or a grey limited edition ,,So called the seller of it ,,,anyway just thought I would let ya know the out come ,,,,also if any one digs out the ome ,,, rear fender would be helpful cheers
  10. Your rear tail light/blinkers/fender are on fleabay at the moment, bidding's up to $41 with 2 bidders, guy says ask for a shipping quote, search under: Honda CBR600RR rear tail light, gaurd, blinkers
    ......... and 'gaurd' is his spelling, not mine :)

    If not i have the rear end and the heat shield, stock exhaust etc - but i'm interstate now, not back home until the weekend.
  11. hey Lionz
    been on ebay ,,most are o/s ,,So when you get time,,, can you let me know how much you will want for it ,,,as I need to return the ass end back to oem ,, Also is the exhaust a undertail one or is it on the right hand side,,,as ive seen in many of pics cheers
  12. Do you need the original exhaust (meaning end can, not full) as well? It's under seat, off my 2011 bike.
    I'll go through my gear this weekend for the rear end stuff and let you know.
  13. hey Lionz
    have the end can ,hey if you find any bits can u let me know what they r,,,,,cheers
  14. [​IMG]
    hope this works this is the ass end ,,,of the bike as is cheers
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