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2011 cbr600f

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Kermie, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]







  2. It looks good, makes 100-ish hp and will probably weigh 200kg wet... but they've kinda just chucked a fairing on a Hornet? Is this really what the f4i and previous models were? I would take a nice f4i for half the (presumable) price.
  3. a VFR-1200 fairing at that :roll:
  4. Should sell pretty well aslong as they price it right ...like around $11- 12,000 rideaway.
    Its one way to get rid of the new hornets ....as lets face it ,they didn't sell well.
    And if they bring out a LAMS model ,it will kick arse ....even more so if they have it so it can be derestricted when people get off their learners...they will fly out the door.
    And all Honda had to do was add a fairing and a restricter kit ...and they could have a huge sales sucess on thier hands for stuff all R&D to make this "new" model....and Honda needs a great LAMS bike to compeat in that section.
  5. Ugly like it's big brother
  6. I must be a freak. I think it looks like it will be great.

    100hp is a decent amount to play with, it looks like it is higher spec than most of its competitors, it has clip ons (high ones at that) so you don't get the stange look of high flat bars on a faired bike(ala fz6r, er6f, gsx650f), which I have come to detest. Sort of like a practical, affordable and competent cbr600rr. This being based on assumptions of a reasonably flat power delivery, good handling, and good price point.
  7. Assumption is the mother of all stuff ups my friend. :p

    Honda will no doubt price this bike waaay above what it's worth, sell only a nominal amount to cashed up fools during the first year, and then revise its price twelve months later to what the bike's actually worth in a competitive market. Twelve months after that the dealers that want to shift their inventory will have an end of model year sale, and that's when you'll actually get anything resembling a good deal on a Honda.

    Hopefully the bike has the 19 litre fuel tank featured on the Hornet 600. Given the fact the Hornet 600 weighs 198 kg wet, I reckon this CBR600F will weight 205 - 208 kg wet. The Yamaha FZ6R in comparison is 212 kg with 17 litres of fuel.

    Shame about only featuring twin-pot front brake callipers. The ABS specification features three pistons, but this may feature Honda's loathed CBS. The Yamaha FZ6S / FZ6N in comparison has four piston callipers.

    A centre-stand for the sports-touring crowd would be the icing on the cake, but given the look and shape of that underbelly exhaust chamber, I'm not counting on it. Having said that, I'm very interested in the bike. :)
  8. $12k rideaway you are dreaming
  9. Closer to 16 than 12.
  10. Its a hornet with a dress on as mentioned in the first reply on this thread and any other on the net.
    You can get a Hornet for $10,500 rideaway.
    and a CBR600RR are around $13,500 rideaway.

    You think they are worth more then their full RR sports bike.???
    I think it will fit in between the hornet and the CBR for price.
    As captain slow said.....They may try it on for a few months ,but drop the price real quick once the local mag reviews say its not worth it for the price ,IF they over price it.
    And $11-$12000 if the price for anyone with any idea how to haggle ,never payed sticker price for any bike.
  11. Meh... looks ok, but not digging the backend. And dont think its going to be anywhere close to 12k
  12. I was talking RRP not what you pay when they realise that noone wants another uninspiring honda. My prediction is $14.5K rideaway RRP, then 6 months later no one wants them they will be down to $11.5K rideaway.
  13. Love it.

    But being under 25 = no new model bikes. Sigh. But its a definite purchase in 2-3 years.
  14. You've already got one, do you need another of the same?
  15. I'd like to one day own a 'new bike'. In that time I will be in the position to do so. I love my current CBR600F but with 84,000kms and counting its going to age very quickly.
  16. fair enough. Wouldn't surprise me if your bike is a tough old nut to crack though.
  17. I sure hope it is the case. Seems Honda mechanics are great :p Electronics....iiiissh.
  18. Before anyone gets over excited about this bike, I have just had an email from Honda Australia stating:

    "We wish to advise that we were going to introduce the CBR600F onto the Australian market. Unfortunately as per our Sales department this is no longer going to happen due to unforeseen circumstances. Please be advised if anything changes we will be in touch."

    I have asked them to explain "unforeseen circumstances", so I await their reply with baited breath!

    Yet another example of a new bike being produced but NOT coming to Australia...what is it with these manufacturers!!!
  19. They are replacing it with a jet ski to suit queenslanders better.
  20. I have received Honda's reply:

    "Unfortunately, it is not always possible to obtain all of the models produced by our factories worldwide.
    There are a number of factors involved in determining our model line-up, such as production costs, product availability, exchange rates and modification requirements for our market etc.
    Due to these circumstances we wont be importing the product."

    So there you have it...Aussies miss out once again!