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2011 CBR250R gear shift problem

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Bayley, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. Hello, I received my L's and brought a Honda CBR250R 2011 for my last birthday, when i first got it, straight away 10 minutes after riding from private sale, both top and bottom of engine died and needed a new engine, I've since waited to receive it and got it today, rode 30 minutes fine to work, worked my shift ( with possible rain ), rode 5 minutes home and it was fine, infact beautiful. I decided to go for another ride, i get bike turned on in neutral and as soon as i shift to 1st gear it turns off, but still leaves speedo lit up with my lights also, I've tried letting it warm up as i live in the mountains and its cold but still nothing. I'm so angry but also have no clue what to do. I was reading some forums and some said that rain can cause electrical problems? But other then that I've found nothing, please help.

  2. because side stand is still down?
  3. Just tried then to see if i was that silly aha and now the electric start does nothing, can't even get it to idol in neutral like an hour before hand. Could i have ran battery out while trying to start earlier?
  4. Hoping for something simple, I don't suppose the kill switch is on. Probably not but always good to check.

    If you cannot get any electrics to work now, battery is a possibility, so that is the first thing I would check. Buy a cheap multimeter about $10-$15 at an auto store or Bunnings and check the voltage.

    If volts are low it may simply be flat and need recharging or alternatively the battery could be stuffed and need replacing.

    If it is not the battery my next guess would be the neutral switch cut-out not working properly but will leave it to the electrical gurus to answer.

    Also it is always good to put your suburb in your profile. That way people can see if they are close and may be able to offer a hand.
  5. Get it back to the people who replaced the engine, clearly they've failed to complete the job satisfactorily. Failing that I'd suggest a gallon of petrol and a match, and a self-imposed ban on buying anything without supervision!!
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  6. gday BayleyBayley welcome to NR!

    sorry to hear of your frustrations - who did the engine install, was it a mechanic? I'd be contacting them first before anything as they would have had to start it a few times and give it a road test. it's odd going from N to 1st leads to a cut out. @oldcorolla 's comment about the sidestand is a good one, maybe the switch is faulty. if it's starting ok and the lights etc are working maybe there is a fault with the killswitch (as per GreyBMGreyBM). otherwise I have no idea. it's definitely not a fuelling issue as you can start in N and let it warm up. sounds like there's plenty of charge so it's not battery.

    I went on a ride once with some guys and one of them had a barbarian v8 - we stopped for lunch and he had a similar problem to you. the housing for the kill/start switch had moved and pinched the wires causing the killswitch to short. might be worth looking at maybe but don't go pulling things apart on my recommendation - consult your mechanic is my best advice.

    good luck!