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2011 cbr250r any issues with India made?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by markwearspants, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. hi,

    So i finally put a deposit on a tri colour cbr250r at peter stevens in melbourne city. done quite a bit of research and ridden one. going to be fantastic to get to uni and work on.

    i just have a few concerns:

    1. the build quality of it being made in India.
    2. heaps of people on forums have a problem where the engine will stall when downshifting. regardless of outside/engine temp, incline or decline and shifting styles.

    only now have i found no. 2 out =[. my deposit is totally refundable but I really havent found another 250 that i love as much as this bike (not a fan of the ninja 250). all these forum posts seem to be with america.

    anybody in australia own one and have you ever had any problems?
    (im terribly sorry if this was already a topic please direct me to the correct thread. went through all the pages and didnt find one on the cbr250r regarding these issues).

  2. Don't worry. It's under warranty and I think the issues are very few and far between.
    Also, unless things have changed, Aussie CBR250R's are made in Thailand.
    Enjoy it.
  3. Do you want a bike with fairings? What about a VTR250 or something like that?
  4. buying a bike i know nothing about it seems!
    thanks. i think I just need a confidence boost haha.
  5. had a look. a joy to ride, unfortunately a little out of my budget.

    I know it might be silly but I just want a new bike. a bike that no previous owner has messed around with, broke 30 plastic clips when trying to service their bike or (in my case) playing with the loom resulting in me paying $450 for a replacement with labour (yeah i got shafted) because he thought he could change the colour of the dash backing
  6. The bikes we used to get (in the first batches) were made in Thailand, not India. I hope that is still the case! If not, you have every right to be concerned as the bikes coming from India seem to be of much lower quality. There was this post on a dedicated cb250r forum, a review written by Indian rider. He was mentioning things no-one else noticed: poor quality paint (!?! I thought it was much better than on Ninja 250!), tools in the tool kit that bent when he tried to use them, very dim headlight, creaks and vibration from the fairing (the bike I test rode had neither) ... then we figured out the reason: his bike was made in India, while everyone else on the forum was riding Thai-made ones.