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2011 cbr250r abs gear problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Quivorir, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. Hey guys not really a mechanical guy so not really sure how to explain this. On a group ride on Sunday is when it first happened. Tried to go down gears so clutch in foot down but it was like it was just going through air, no small 'clunk' noise to indicate it was even trying to change gear.

    Now it's happening again today and before I take it back to Honda tomorrow I thought I'd ask here. Seems the only way to get down into neutral or even 2nd is to turn the bike off pull the clutch in and use my hand on the gear pedal to change.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    (sorry for any spelling mistakes or sentences that don't make sense, out for dinner with thr mrs so sending off the ol iPhone)
  2. That is extremely odd behavior, no idea what could be causing it... repair or possible new gear box under warranty?
  3. assuming the title is meant to say and and not abs
    some bikes have issues shifting gears when they're stopped. Let the clutch out a bit to move it forward and it should go in.
  4. Oh yeah, if you're stopped then that's quite normal. Shift down to second gear and hold the clutch in before you stop.
  5. strange, I own one, yes when your still it doesnt like moving gears up and down. But has een fine when riding
  6. This is all when riding. Can't shift down from 3rd
  7. If the bike has been down on the left side it May have bent the shift rod so your not quite getting enough travel out of the lever,
    But it sounds like the gear selector isnt engaging correctly.
    I seem to remember this happening on na MX bike we worked on years ago and it turned out the owner had put the wrong oil in the box. Although if your bike has only had dealer services that shouldnt be it.
    It shouldnt matter what you push the lever down with if it works with your hand it should work with your foot. Unless something's changed recently and youre not getting enough movement from the lever while sitting on the bike.
  8. Well unfortunately its in the shop over night :( Guy says that he thinks he knows what the problem is but wouldn't go into detail. Will let you know of the results.
  9. Ok so basically it was a bolt that had lessened therefore the clutch had moved. They just re lubed it and tightened it back up!
  10. hopefully they 'loctite' it so it doesnt come loose again, did they say which bolt so if it happens again and you get stuck on the side of the road you'll know what to do?
  11. Which either a service or a predelivery check should have found.
  12. Um, I dont know how to explain it, but its literally the one that connects the foot peg to the clutch (mine is covered by rubber)

    They said the cause of it was because it was wet (Riding in the rain :( )
  13. Uuuh, unless you have a foot operated clutch, there is no foot pedal that connects to a clutch...
  14. bolt covered in rubber near the footpeg??.
    sounds like shifter rod, runs from the gear lever to the shifter shaft, has a thread on each end and is adjustable to raise or lower the gear lever height in relation to the footpeg.
    wet weather wont cause it to loosen, forgeting to tighten it properly after its been adjusted will.