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2011 bmw g650gs

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by OzWiz, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Going to have a look at the new (2011) BMW G650GS tomorrow. It's a huge improvement in looks to the old one at least. I'll let you know what it's like when I get home.

    Anyone had a chance to check one out or considering buying one?




  2. Looks alright but not too sure about the single cylinder engine. It's back to 652cc from 798cc.


    Have you considered the F800GS (L twin engine)? A much better bike, but the 21 inch front wheel and tubed tyres aren't really to my liking.

    I always fancy an adventure looking bike such as the F800GS with 17 inch alloy rims and tubeless tyres.
  3. The 650GS is the same 2 cyclinder from the 800GS, but it is detuned.
  4. It's back to 652cc single cylinder for 2011, according to BMW website anyway. Check the link I posted earlier.
  5. It's not an L twin but a parallel twin.
    the L twins are predominately ducatis and the suzuki sv range
  6. Ah! Thanks for the correction.

    I thought all the F800's are L-twin because once a sales person told me that the F800R is L-twin which is incorrect.

    Indeed they are all parallel twins.
  7. As of 2008 or 2009 or so, F800GS and F650GS are 800cc (ish) parallel twins. The "F" refers to the parallel twin engine now.

    G650GS is the single-cylinder 650cc (ish) thumper. The "G" is used for all their single-cylinder bikes now.

    (There's probably some confusion because before 2007, what is now the 650cc G650GS was called the 650cc F650GS.)
  8. I always wonder what the prefix means, so F is parallel twin, G is single, K is inline 4, and R is the 2 protruding thingy. Correct?
  9. Only for the current models, previous models used F for some singles and G for some twins (just to add some more confusion) :)
  10. Yeah, what mister ZRX said. It's a bit frustrating for anyone keeping score. Even moreso when the 2008-onward F650GS is actually an 800cc bike despite the numbers in its title. Augh! XD

    But otherwise you're right, luigi.

    Anyhow... The new G650GS looks kinda interesting. I haven't heard much about its specs (eg: weight, etc). I'd like for it to be more easily servicable than the old F650GS, and maybe a bit lighter too. I suspect (probably wrong) it's just some new bodywork around the same old Rotax engine tho', maybe a different frame.
  11. I'd heard rumours about a new G650Gs for a while now, I was hoping it would be a new F650GS Dakar (single 650) variant but if anything it looks to be even less off road biased than the current G650GS (single 650). To be fair it looks like it would make a good all rounder though.
  12. Unless they've made a big change, these are Chinese built, and my mechanic worked on one of the early ones (not long back) and said it was a POS. They may well have sorted some issues by now, but I'd look into it more along those lines, including if they are still coming from there.

    If they've got them sorted they should be a real good bike, but:

    Make that a 19" front and you've got the road version of the new Tiger 800, which despite the adventury looks is arguably one of the most practical all-rounders since the VFR750, but with less weight and better Mojo when the road get rough, dirt or both. Well priced too (the XC version is dearer with the greater off-road bias).
  13. I guess that might be the only viable option. Apparently it's a huge drama trying to fit smaller front wheel on the F800GS, mainly to do with the wheel rotating at different speed consequently confusing the ABS sensor.

    The thing is I have a 1050 at the moment, the Tiger 800 feels like a downgrade instead of trying out a different brand. I think it will be worthwhile to test both 800s back to back.
  14. How did the G650GS test ride go?
  15. I've read of at least new 800 owner that rates it a fair improvement over the 1050, as in "all the niggles have been fixed", whatever that means.

    Another reckons their dealer said of the XC that they can't imagine anyone wanting the 1050, because "the XC does it all". Also, supposedly in most riding it pretty much goes as hard, with less outright grunt but a fair whack less of weight with it. The 800 is really at least a generation if not two newer. Engine smoothness and flexibility is remarked on a lot, as is the sweetness of the shift. I get the impression that the overall engine character is quite different.

    The XC would definitely be well better on the gnarlier dirt, but like you say, either version might not quite warrant replacing the one you've got now (unless you can get a good price and the switch doesn't cost too much).

    I hope to test one soon, since they're in at the dealers now. I'm not sure about the new G650, but the earlier ones weren't exactly light for a single.
  16. Sorry for not making it clear, mine is a 1050 Speed, hence itching for a different style of bike.

    Interestingly the Tiger 800 is so new that online insurance quotes don't have it. I guess the premium should be less than the beemer.
  17. Ah, OK. Well it wouldn't bang as hard. I guess it comes down to how it feels to ride.
  18. Well it was very disappointing. The upgrades are really only cosmetic and the "new" model is just a trimmed down version of the old Chinese built thumper. The fuel tank is smaller which kinda kills the adventure title the are giving it. It's still too heavy and really is underwhelming for the money.

    I went straight to my local Suzuki dealer and put a deposit on the Wee Strom ABS. So much more bike for a lot less $$$.
  19. Makes the decision easy for you. :)
  20. Smee owns a BMW, I wouldn't touch 1 with a 10 foot pole now, even that's to close