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2011 Aprilia Tuono V4 R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Deadsy, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]


    I'm a sucker for nakeds, especially powerful ones that have the "brawler" look. What kind of price can we expect for this bike?
  2. LOTS!!!

    LOVE that bike!!
  3. >20k probably.

    Love the look of it, but would much rather have the twin.
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  5. 162bhp, 179kgs, decent ergos and a V4 engine...what's not to like?

    A guy who works for the Honda dealer in town has an RSV4 with the Austin Bros pipe on it. Man, what a sound.
  6. 22k+ ORC for the R.
  7. Great price, especially considering what the RSV4 costs.
  8. Don't forget the Shiver (and Dorsoduro) 1200 twin is in the pipeline. Should be a lower cost option in the catalogue, so that will probably give Aprilia a bit more room to push up the price of the Tuono V4.
    Only the Aussie dollar is keeping this a bit real.
  9. Awesome, very awesome.

    Hardly naked though, just sans screen & some side panel fairings.

    I'd still ride one though.
  10. Dorso 1200 17k + ORC

  11. Yeah, but, come on, guys. The Tuono is a V4!!!!!
  12. Always been my favorite Naked twin. Aprilia make a decent V4. Still would not buy one new unless it was a ripper deal.
  13. You guys like the look of it? I reckon it's butt-ugly (not that that's anything new for a Tuono), but she looks like an 'incomplete' sportsbike rather than a 'naked' one:


    I reckon they'd have done much better to follow on with some of the Shiver's styling cues for the front end, something like this:


    No doubt it'll be an incredible performer, but I couldn't live with those looks I don't think.
  14. For that specification, I could. Hell, you're not looking at it while you're riding.
  15. I think the new tuono looks nice and mean the way it is. That 2nd photoshopped pic doesn't do the rest of the bike justice.
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    Yes I would. It's something about twins. Every time I hear one, I turn Japanese.
  17. The Shiver front end looks good however, in my opinion, the bike stays true to the Tuono style the way it is.
  18. No doubt it stays true to it, I just hesitate to use the word 'style' in reference to it! :p
  19. This was the only bike I'd hope that was at the expo to get a look and feel but wasn't. It'll probably be at next years expos in Sydney and Gold Coast.
  20. Supers in Feb mate!