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2010 ZX6R - Not turning over

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by NWRAP, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. Riding home from work this afternoon I had the bike die on me.

    I heard a little bang (like a backfire on downshift) and noticed that the Dash went completely dead Bike still ran for about 50m until I could pull over, then it stopped dead.

    Had to push it a few blocks to get it home [​IMG]

    Once I got home I checked all the fuses and they all seem fine.

    I can turn the ignition on and the dash lights up correctly with no warnings or codes but I have noticed I have no headlight but the park lights (or whatever they are called on bikes) still work as does the tail light and break light.

    If I try to crank the bike over the dash goes dead and the bike just makes a ticking noise.


    ps: I don't have a multimeter but can get one
  2. dont know about yours, but my 2010 z750 only has the parkers on when ignition is on, but will put the headlight on when the engine is going. same year and manufacturer, could have the same theory.
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  3. Hmm now you have me wondering if the headlight does come on or not...lol

    Pretty sure it does..lol but then I always start the bike on then do my light checks
  4. Most newer kwakers have a relay that will only turn the lights on once the engin is on. Its to save the battery and globe from power drains
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  5. well I have charged the battery....it now starts AND I still didnt take any notice of the lights....lol

    Time to replace the battery
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    its not necessarily the battery. it could be the charging circuit aswell.

    grab yourself a multimeter.
    measure the voltage when the bike is off (after you have charged it) it should be around12V
    keep measuring the voltage while holding the starter button. the voltage will drop but it shouldn't drop below 9V (as a general rule, although this would differ between vehicles)
    measure the voltage with the bike running, should be close to 14V

    find out which voltage doesnt match up, that will tell you where to start.

    in my experience, a stuffed battery (if the rest of the bike/car is working) will usually only effect the starting as the generator/alternator/stator keeps the the current coming for the spark and fuel pump
    the only time i can think that the battery being bad would stop you mid run, is if it is super duper forked as alternators and (i guess) stators require current to operate. but if this is the case, it wouldnt have charged, and you would have had trouble starting it before
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  7. All good points about multimeter and testing the charge circuit.You should test the charge circuit for operation, it may have stuffed your last battery.

    One point I would make is that bikes rarely use the automotive system now days with a driven rotor (field) coil, instead they use permanent magnets in the rotor and so will generate power as long as they are turning. Assuming the windings, and regulator/rectifier is intact.

    Also I have been in a situation where a stuffed regulator has cooked the battery by overcharging and the voltage collapsed. The engine management said night night and the bike backfired and rolled to a halt. Similar to what you describe.
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  8. about time they went back to a charging system that doesnt need a charge to start with.
  9. I would have it checked out. Not hard or expensive to do.
    Altho they only have a one year warranty, a battery should last three. So I guess your on the line. But if it is a reg then you can stuff the new battery or worse, cook a harness. Hate electrics lol.
  10. Stator is dead :(

    A week off the bike while waiting for parts from the USA
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    Kawasaki—Ninja Motorcycles (2008-2012 Models)

    PRA number: 2012/13053
    Date published: 9th March 2012
    Product information

    Product description

    Kawasaki Motorcycles
    ZX1000E8F- 2008 Ninja ZX- 10R
    ZX1000E9F- 2009 Ninja ZX-10R
    ZX1000FAF- 2010 Ninja ZX-10R
    ZX600R9F- 2009 Ninja ZX-6R
    ZX600R9FA- 2009 Ninja ZX-6R- Monster Energy
    ZX600RAF- 2010 Ninja ZX-6R
    ZX600RBF- 2011 Ninja ZX-6R
    ZX600RCF-2012 Ninja ZX-6R
    Identifying features

    Campaign Number: DAD372A
    Target Number- 1431
    What are the defects?

    Excessive heat within the circuit board and uncontrolled electric current output may result in insufficient charging to the motorcycle battery.
    What are the hazards?

    Insufficient charging of the battery may result in poor engine performance, engine stalling or a no-start condition. This condition may increase the risk of an accident.
    Dates available for sale

    • 1st March 2008 - 31st January 2012
    Where the product was sold

    • Nationally
    Traders who sold this product

    Authorised Kawasaki dealers

    Kawasaki Motors Pty Ltd
    What should consumers do?

    Kawasaki will write to owners of affected vehicles. Owners are advised to return the affected vehicles to their authorised Kawasaki dealer, who will perform the necessary repairs free of charge.

    You are lucky, 2010 6r is covered....this was also a known problem with the 07 10r, but they chose to ignore the problem and start the recall with the 08 model...bastards
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  12. Seems I need to make a call to Kawaskai.....

    I had the rec/reg replaced under recall already and I received a letter about that ...

    Is this the same issue....?.... goes off to find his recall letter
  13. From what I understand the stator either goes first or a faulty reg/rectifier takes it out.

    There are numerous posts on various Kawasaki forums about 6r/10r stators and R/R problems.

    From all the searching/reading I've done the cause of the problem seems to be heat related....ie they survive better if the bike is kept moving, not stuck in commuting type traffic.

    Can't hurt to ask.....best outcome is a free repair, the worst is your still in the same situation.
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