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QLD 2010 ZX10R Special Edition

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Mr.1000, Sep 19, 2013.

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    Stolen Ninja ZX10R 2010, Special Edition

    On the night of the 17th Sept 2013, the two offenders came to my place both riding on the same black Yamaha R1 then stole my bike after showing one of them as a potential ‘buyer’ (said he’s been riding motocross for 6 years and now wants to get into road riding with his mate). Was going to follow them in my car on the test ride but they took off before I had a chance to catch up to them. Forgot to get details/security as they were super cunning and seemed trustworthy (hard lesson learnt), Bike is not insured (as I was no longer riding it). Stand out features include the LSL one piece handle bar raiser (like a motocross bike, without bar ends) and fender eliminator (indicators flash quickly). They could easily replace the rest… IXIL dual hyperflow exhaust (with a few dents under the tip), decals (Pirelli, IXIL, motul, spiegler, yoshimura, LSR), black painted windshield with a monkey decal on the windshield and new Angel GT tyres. The rego is 399GC and I’ve attached a pic. Please message me if you see/hear anything and I will provide further contact details. Stolen vehicle police report has been submitted.

    Description: the two offenders were both 165-170cm tall, medium build. Black R1 rider was of an islander background and wore a black leather motorcycle jacket, black helmet (no other details as he was wearing his helmet and never got off his bike). The other offender (riding my bike) had an aussie background, short brown hair, small ponytail with a blue hair tie, went by the name of BEN He wore a black and green leather motorcycle jacket and a black helmet with blue flame decals.

    Please share this and spread the word! Bike may still be in QLD, could be shipped interstate or parts could be selling...

  2. Mate so sorry to hear this , hope you get it back . Thieving scum .
  3. Sad but amazed you didn't get any security for a bike of that value for a test ride
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  4. Ouch, that sucks. I hope you find them.
  5. That sucks! QLD is a big place, so what area are you in?
  6. Damn - I really dislike people...........

    That is a very distinctive bike - hopefully it'll be spotted before it is parted out or molested.

    Good luck with the recovery.
  7. That's sad to hear, hope you find it before it's touched inappropriately...

    No offense, but really learn a lesson from this and never be that trustworthy of strangers. Especially if they offer candy.
  8. Thanks guys, the bike was stolen from our house in Algester, in the housing estate down Penny Street off Learoyd Road.