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2010 z1000

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by drew84, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Ok, im new here, but my bike is not new and slightly modded, so i thought this was a better place to post pics and info.

    PIC 1. Crappy phone shot from the day i picked it up brand new in June 2010. Straight away i put on 3M clear paint protection, removed the front reflectors, and added an Evotech radiator shield. Also changed the mirrors to some lower ones i already had.

    PIC 2. This is a heaps better pic taken by my brother about a month after i got it. At this stage i had made and installed my own fender eliminator, and relocated the horn, which hung out below the radiator on the right side, and moved it to the left side radiator shroud.

    PIC 3. This is how it looked for close to 12 months. I put all-black billet levers on, CRG Blindsight bar-end mirrors, and painted the stock mufflers flat black with exhaust paint. The Major mod at this stage was removal of the stock muffler box which is underneath, just in front of the back wheel. I never liked the look of it, and wanted it gone. I had Meerkat Mufflers from Gympie remove the box and replace with custom pipe work, for a tidy/full system look. It made the stock exhaust about 15% louder.


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  2. This is how it looks now. I have added Screaming Demon mufflers (which sound awesome), removed the side exhaust shield to show the exhaust underneath. also added a K&N air filter. I have more pics of the bike as it is now, but i can't upload any more.


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  3. it looks evil
  4. I LOVE the dual exhaust now.
  5. Nice looking bike.
    Took one of these for a ride on the weekend and just love how silky smooth it was. :D
  6. Yeah really good improvements - how ugly was that initial rear fender!! +1 on the dual pipes also.

    Question, really how effective though are those little mirrors? from a safety perspective, you must have some sizeable blind spots back there! :)
  7. Here we go! managed to get some descent size pics up. These are more pics of how the bike looks now.


    This pic shows the custom exhaust work, which matches up to the slip-ons nicely.
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  8. This exhaust set-up looks much nicer than stock.

    I've never liked the stock baffle type exhaust on the Z1000
  9. Likewise.

    Now THIS bike above looks like a completely different bike. :)
  10. Thanks guys! Yeah that muffler box is one thing that really irritated me about the look of the bike. I love how it looks now, and i've always loved how it rides! The engine is so torquey in the midrange for an inline 4, it's a dream to ride on good twisty road. The front springs were a bit stiff initially, but i've adjusted them out and got some descent sag at the front, but still have the comp dampning on the firmer side. Now it's just point and shoot. The Bridgstone Bt023's are great too, as you can see in the pics i use every bit of them, and they feel very planted in the corners. The only thing i could possibly pick on this bike is pillion comfort, which is not a huge issue, as my wife is slim build, doesn't get on very often, and i also have an Airhawk for her, so it's not a huge issue.
  11. Sweet bike mate. Looks like it'd be a blast.