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2010 Yamaha XVS650 - Peg mounting brackets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Rusti_GotRage, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. As some may recall, I had an off on the GOR back at the start of March, resulting in a bent mounting bracket for the right hand foot peg and brake pedal. Not bad enough I can't ride the bike, but bad enough that the brake pedal is now up FAR too high for comfortable use.

    I'll try and get pictures of my bike and a comparison picture of a friends bike [same model] to show people...but anyway, moving on.

    In order to get my brake pedal back down to where it needs to be, the dealer have just quoted me $205 for a new bracket!! This seems to me to be somewhat excessive in the extreme!

    Anyone know of a good place to source a replacement myself? I'm not that mechanically inept that I couldn't do the work myself, especially if it's going to save my wallet from being r4ped!
  2. mate, I'd be putting it in a vice grip, and bending it back with a big pair of pliers or a shifter. if that doesn't work, then put it in a vice grip, heat it up, and then bend it.
  3. Any on fleabay Rusty? Are they quoting replacement or 'fix'?? And is there much difference between your model and say one a couple of years old? just thinking maybe wreckers can help? usually bolt on and off I would have thought. Glad to lend a hand if you need it.. Mate it cna be a sat morn project!! :)
  4. Heh - or a Sat arvo project afterwards!

    They're bolt ons, and I saw a set with scratch pegs for sale in the US for <US$30 for the pair... not sure if they're the same as what I have, need to get the photo's done this weekend for comparison between my bike and either Lazy Libran's or Mad Marty's bike being as they have exactly the same model I do...

    And the bendy-vice-thing might be an option, but I really wanted to see what the cost was for a new set from somewhere so I could argue costs with the dealership...
  5. I'll take some pics tonight dude ... the price sounds steep... do I need to have a 'talk' to Chris? Also may pay to check out some aftermarket ones too ... given that dont go for any extensions as they cost a mint ! (I know this)

    That said if your willing to wait a little you can have mine if I decide on the +150mm's ive seen .. but very unsure of this yet ... more riding less thinking required.... ](*,) :blah:
  6. Another vote for bend it back. Worked on my Classic.
  7. would it depend on 'how bent' itis? my concern would be weakenind the metal if it is badly bent.
    If minor, then simple and quick to re shape for sure.
  8. Pics are in your email dude ..... lookin at their construction I'd probably try 'the bend' first too..... If it's not to agressive it wont have any effects down the road....
  9. Well - All things being equal, I'll be picking the bike up tomorrow from the service depot at the dealership, so I should be able to put some photo's up for people to become more informed with...

    As for getting it fixed, I'm in no rush. I've been riding it since the Middle of March like it is, so another month or two won't kill me...
  10. Good to know that you will be back on a real bike soon. :D