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VIC 2010 Yamaha R1 - Southbank

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by celinou, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    Someone stole my 2010 Yamaha R1 this morning 11 Oct 2016 from my Southbank apartment garage between 4am to 5am. Three guys came in a Holden blue ute and lifted the bike onto their ute and drove off. We have video footage of the bike being stolen.

    It's a special edition 2010 Red and White Yamaha R1 with the rego IB648. I've attached a few pictures of the bike and have already reported it stolen to Vic police this morning.

    We are currently trying to find the rego of the ute. We're trying to figure out the first character but the rest of the rego is DD421.

    And the bastards scratched my car while stealing the bike! :mad::mad:

    If you could keep an eye for the ute or the bike and any help in the return of my bike would be greatly appreciated :)

    You can contact me here or the Southbank police.

    14671110_10157697841955121_9119886784096104144_n. 14690860_10157697841890121_7377480228291371795_n. 14517421_10157697841820121_2978396365064623264_n.
  2. Fcuking dogs at least you have some footage will keep an eye out for the ute
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  3. mongrels.......
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  4. Then police have only 26 possible combinations to search for the right rego. How did they get into the block?
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  5. Sorry to hear that..
  6. Yep surely once they look up the 26 combinations and narrow it down to blue utes it wont take long to find the bastard.
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  7. You would be very unlucky if there were more than 1 Blue ute with that combo given only 26 possibilities. The bigger issue will be whether or not the vehicle or the plates on it are stolen. Only a moron would do the pick-up in their own car, using their own plates.
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  8. Thanks for your support guys.

    From what I've been told, they followed someone in.

    That's what we're thinking. The plates might be stolen or the ute itself might be stolen.

    We've given everything we have to the cops now. Just kinda have to wait and see it they come back with anything.
  9. I saw a bike that looked pretty much exactly the same as this this morning. Probably isn't the same bike since it was in Sydney though. Good luck finding the bike/bastards that took it!
  10. I'm so sorry about your bike celinoucelinou. Hope it turns up soon :(
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  11. I doubt it was the same unless they found a very quick way to get it to Sydney from Melb :D
  12. It'd be headed to being a track bike as we speak, I fear....
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  13. Yeah best of luck mate. Really sorry to hear. What's your insurance policy like?

    I just got my renewal, they want $1400 for full comp. I only paid $6000 for the bike so am very reluctant. I'm going to change to Swann or something, I got a quote from them for heaps cheaper. Anyway, that's not relevant. Even with a payout, you lost your bike, and I'm very sorry for that. I don't wish bad things upon people but... actually, sometimes I do. I hope they catch the scum
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  14. Will keep and eye out for it, and the ute.
    Hope it shows up soon and gets returned unharmed.
  15. I hope not. We took it to the track a couple of years back and it was amazing!

    The most annoying part is that my insurance just ran out and like you was looking around for a cheap deal as I was looking at selling it. This comes at the worst time. :oops:

  16. Oh no..
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  17. Just ran out ?
    If it's within 14 days you should still be covered.
    Worth checking on.
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  18. Scum, scum, scum........... detest these bastards.
    Apartment blocks are getting hit more and more it seems. Fingers crossed for you celinoucelinou

    Steve VtecSteve Vtec jeepers mate that's heaps, here's mine for the CBR 600, fully comp:

    Date Paid: 30/11/2015
    Payment Amount: $454.21

    **Edit, that's AAMI
    **Edit #2 and replace value of $11k i think off the top of my head
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  19. I just hate getting letters from fifty insurance companies so I've got 3 NRMA green slips and 1 NRMA 3rd party property (van) and 2 NRMA full comps (cb400 and firestorm) and all 3 on my roadside assist policy. It's going to shit me up the wall hearing from Swann every year as well :p but, if I can save close to a thousand bucks I'll do it in a heartbeat. That'll pay for the pipes haha
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  20. When seeking insurance on my recent car purchase, I got a $200+ better quote from Shannons than my current car, bike and house insurer......