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2010 Yamaha FZ6R. My first thoughts

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Brissy_Rider, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Well as many of you know I have only recently started riding again after a 12 year absense. I have only ever owned an old road trail bike and had never ridden a road bike until I went and completed my Q-Ride (as I had let my bike licence expire from NSW when I moved up here)

    So the search began for my first road bike. I was looking for a bike around the 600cc to 650cc mark purely because of my height and weight (6ft1 and 110kgs) so after many late nights on the internet doing research, many shop rides and much gnashing of teeth I decided on a new 2010 Yamaha FZ6R :)

    I have now had the bike for just under a week and put approx 500kms on her, so I thought I would give you a quick amateur review of the bike, so please be gentle as I am certainly no expert motoring journalist :-s

    Sooooooooooooo here we go......

    Likes, What do I like about the bike? Well in all honestly what's not to like?? It looks fantastic (see pics below) and always turns heads wherever I go. The aggressive lines mixed with the sleek black and bronze colour scheme is just awesome, and I have to add, the transformer style headlight really looks the part :) It is just a really really nice bike to ride.

    Handling, I find it is an extremely well balanced bike, very nimble on both fast and slow bends, and is extremely smooth to ride. Very easy to creep at low speeds without feeling like you need to stick your legs out. The tyres do their job well, I believe they are dunlops, couldn't tell you which ones as I am a reborn newb lol. The suspension is a little bit soft in the rear and I will adjust soon, whilst the front feels right on the money. The fairing offers good wind protection however the windshield is a little small and really does not do a hell of a lot.

    Controls, The clutch and gears are very very smooth, the rear brake I find takes to long to engage, but I am sure that is a minor adjustment at the first service. The front brakes grab and grab well, even during a downpour that I was unfortunately stuck in. I love the mixed digital / analogue display, the speedo is nice and big on the digital display, and the big analogue tacho is exactly what you want. At night the nice luminous orange glow on the digital side and the white glow and big red needle on the tacho is very easy on the eye without being so bright it distracts you from the job at hand.

    Power / Acceleration, It won't set the world on fire, but it has enough for this old fella to keep smiling. I am 6ft 1 and 110kgs, and I find the bike fits me perfectly and still goes hard when the throttle is tweaked. I can't imagine I would need more power, but this is just the start of the journey back into riding, so let's see how I feel in a year or two.

    So all in all, if you were after a bike with break neck speed then this isn't the bike for you, but if you want a great all rounder that is not only a capable commuter, but a stylish sport bike with ample get up and go, then go take one for a ride. I know you won't be disappointed, I'm not, however I must stop spending so much time in the garage staring at it or the missus will boot me out LOL

    Safe riding all :)


    Damo aka Brissy_Rider


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  2. Nice bike. Yamaha make some nice steeds.
  3. Nice work, mate. I'm glad you're happy. We must meet up and go have a play somewhere.
  4. Thanks guys :) Yeah, always keen for a ride KD. Heading down to AMA warehouse on the weekend to get some wet weather gear and to pick up some chain lube, but mostly going there because it is nowhere near me and I get to have a good ride LOL
  5. Where are they?
  6. Yatala mate, just up from the pie shop, which will be my second point of call LOL
  7. Yeah, I can do that. When?
  8. Tomorrow morning? Where do you live again? We will need a meet point, Im in Bulimba
  9. I'm Runcorn, and if you head down the Gateway, SE freeway, and stop at Springwood somewhere, I can zip up Compton and meet you... I dunno - Hungry Jacks at Springwood, on the service road?
  10. How about we meet on Moss St? I wouldnt mind checking out team moto's clearance outlet too. Is that cool? Say out the front of Pro Kawasaki / Yamaha at 9am? My helmet is exactly as pictured, and you know what the bike looks like :)
  11. outstanding. Ta.
  12. sick looking bike.

    How do you find the restriction? Restricting? Or just plain dangerous? Or other?
  13. Thanks Modern Ninja. I would be lying if I didn't say I am dying to derestrict the bike, but all in all she still has plenty of bite when you tweak the throttle. I can easily do 145km/h if I wanted too, but I can see why the restriction is there, cause a brand new LAMMER could easily get out of control on this bike as it's essentially a restricted R6 motor.
    I wouldn't say it's dangerous, it is still a great, well balanced bike and an absolute pleasure to ride. I would recommend test riding one 100%. I hope that answers your question :)
  14. Just that quite a few people i've spoken to have mentioned not having enough twist has left them in a bad spot sometimes where braking hasn't been the best option :D .

    A learner + an R6 = sometimes resembling a smooshed easter egg. You know the ones with a creamy caramel centre? :D

    Thanks for your answer, i'm certainly envious of how awesome that bike looks...
  15. LOL @ smooshed easter egg.

    I am in a bit of a pickle as in the eyes of the law I am a learner, but I had ridden for over ten years previously.

    Stupid me let my bike licence lapse many years ago, so I had to do my LAMS from scratch.

    I will probably keep the bike restricted and trade up in a year or so, but it's still a great bike, I really do love it :)