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2010 Suzuki GSX1250FA

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Four40, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. Here is my new ride. Bought it last Monday, but my camera is on the blink and I've been spending more time riding than taking pictures. I'm up to 1100 km so far and due for my first service on Friday.

    2010 Suzuki GSX1250FA, dark blue and most likely the only one in the ACT at the moment

    Initial impressions, looks similar to my previous bike, the GSX650FU. A bit more weight, but not that bad. I reckon most of the weight will be from the centre stand than having a larger engine. On the second day of riding, I tried the MOST test at Kambah, U-turns are going to take some time to relearn. The right angle corner was fine and the cone swerve was do-able. Did get a chance to test braking, as there was one car parked on the start line.

    Bars and pegs are comfortable and I sit a bit more upright than the 650. As you can see, I've kept my Givi top box and panniers, which bolted straight on the 1250. MRA windscreen fitting is exactly the same as the 650 as well.

    First ride was long enough to scrub in the tyres (I don't like the stock Dunlops, no good in the wet) and long enough to get a feel for the power. Bear in mind, the book says to stay under 4500 RPM for the first 800km and then under 7000 for the next 800km. This bike will happily do 100 in 3rd and it's only sitting a smidge above 4k!! CMC said that you get another blast of power from 5k onwards, I've only been above 5k a few times and that was not at posted speeds.:eek:

    The first day, I replaced the stock lights with halogen and put in my LED blue parkers. Bloody things weren't plugged in right and when I was working one loose to fix it, it fell into the headlight. I had all the fairings off and the front end, just to get this loose globe out. I'm pretty happy that I could do that and get it back together.

    A run down to the Bay was needed and the roads were clear on the way down. First time down the Clyde, I spent most of my time in 2nd but cornering is not that much different to my 650. A quick rest stop and a bite for lunch and back home I go. Again, pretty clear except when I get to the bottom of the Clyde, there's a bit of traffic. Get up to the overtaking lane and bam, I'm past in less time that it took to think about it. I took a few corners in a too high gear, but the bike held it's line and a very gentle roll on, the power came on smoothly.

    At the top, still in the 90k section, there was a car who couldn't decide on whether to travel at 90 or 70 or even 60. Finding a straight section of road, broken lines, off I go again.

    This bike is very smooth in its power but will take off with a healthy twist. Braking feels different to the 650, it comes with ABS as standard. Having the centre stand come with the bike, makes chain maintenance a breeze, as well as filling up the tank.

    Mods so far;
    Heated grips,
    Data Dots,
    MRA dark tinted touring screen,
    Givi Top box and panniers
    LED rear lights, clear lense
    Blue LED parkers,
    Polished alloy radiator protector
    AMHP clear headlight protector.
    Dark blue blingy bar ends

    I received my rear wheel hugger today, but will wait until I get my Yoshy before I put it on.
  2. Very nice.

    Serious distance bike right there.
  3. That's what I was after. I was umming and aahing with the Sprint ST and the GT, but the GT isn't out till August/September. Can't wait to get rid of the stock tyres though.
  4. Dunlop should be banned from making tires.

    "Polished alloy radiator protector"?... wherejagetit please?
  5. From these guys - http://www.radguard.com.au/# This is my third guard I've bought from them. A bit more fiddly to fit on the 1250 but looks good with the dark blue.
  6. Nice bike. :D

    I got one of the RadGuards, black which looks good on the dark blue Bandit.

    Hey Bravus, thanks for the tip on the Metzeler Z6s.
  7. Just had a look at the Metzeler site for the Z6's, damn, thost things handle water, a lot of it. I'll go price up a set when I drop my bike off. Thanks Bravus
  8. cool, thanks (y)
  9. Hi All,
    New member here, Just wanted to say i also bought a GSX1250fa (blue) a few weeks back. Only got 700ks so far. Nice bike to ride. Mine came with Bridgestone BT021's, so far so good.
  10. The more I see and read about these the more I think it will be a perfect option when it comes time to get another bike. I'm still leaning towards getting a replacement GSX1400 but with them becoming as rare as rocking horse poop I need to have a plan B and the GSX1250fa is looking the goods.
  11. Welcome to NR. Say, that's a nice bike:cool:
  12. Great to see a bike that's ridden - esp needing a service within a week of purchase.

    Those Metzelers interest me formy Sprint even though the Dunlop Roadsmarts are okay.

    I had Pilot 2CTs on my 1200 Bandit a coupla years back and they went well - lots of confidence.

    Will be looking for rad guard for Triumph - lots of surface area to damage :)
    Will check your link - thanks for that.
  13. Finally, after waiting for 2 and a half months, my pipe turned up. Now it's a proper looking bike. Although it's hard to see, I also fitted my carbon look hugger.
  14. the short fat yoshi looks great, nice choice.
    did that little heat shield come with it?
    is there a baffle you can remove from the end/tip ?
    is it a lot louder than stock?.. or just mildly louder?

    should put in a k&n highflow air filter if you have'nt allready.. you"ll really notice the difference with that and the pipe.
  15. and thanks for linking you bling pics.
    i"ll get some of mine up some day soon.
    hard to find good bling for bandits.
  16. Yes, it's standard. I don't know if it's a stubby, just a plain R77
    Yes, but I didn't install it. I did for my 650 but this time around, I wanted no silencing :D
    More bass, a deeper sound but not overly loud at 3-4k. Sounds sweet 8k and above
    Haven't thought that far ahead. If there are some good PC III or IV maps for the bandit, then I might buy one and replace the filters as well.

    The bar ends I bought off Ebay, there's some pretty good stuff around, might replace the stock levers. Just hunting around for crash plugs, found some good looking GSG moto ones in the US, waiting for a price.
  17. i got frame sliders from here, assuming that's what you mean crash plugs.
    but my bikes naked... you'd probably need to cut the fairing to fit this type, not sure...not sure about the GSG ones either.
    but the price is good, local.. they're nothing fancy, but as good as any... very simple to fit, allthough from memory some of the instructions were wrong...but anyway it's obvious how they're fitted...and i added bit of locktite.
    the top pic is correct... the carbon fibre look down the bottom is not avail unfortunately.
    > https://www.slipstreamperformance.com.au/store/product_info.php?cPath=839_842_848&products_id=15077

    i have'nt fitted a power commander yet, just the hi flow filter and a staintune slip on... i don't much like the staintune, nice sound but not loud enough... i think i might get it cut down.

    this place has some neat stuff too, US located (the CRG levers are cheaper than pazzos, still think i"ll go with pazzos though >

    heres another local, with some good stuff to suit > http://www.motorradgarage.com.au/catalog/index.php?cPath=38_52&osCsid=ef6466443d27accdecc380b0ca6740a8
  18. hey jester, i've ridden both... really not much between them, performance is similar... the gsx1400 is the ultimate 2 up, but i think the newer bandits are just a bit more nimble.. smaller rider triangle, slightly sportier riding position.
  19. I'm what you might call a motivated buyer; I'm coming off restrictions in 2 weeks time and I'm keen to get a replacement bike as soon as I can after that. My current bike, the GSX650FU has served me well for the past year, but I want something with more grunt and this GSX1250FA interests me simply because of how impressed I am with my current machine.

    But, I can't for the life of me find a shop that has a demo model on the floor. I'm not really keen on buying one before getting a chance to ride it. And while the Bandit 1250s are "mostly the same", they're not 100% exactly the same.

    I had a frank conversation with a sales guy; he said Suzuki are not providing demo bikes - they are restricting the sales of the bikes, so the demand is high and they can't have one just sitting on the floor. Now, I don't know if it's Suzuki's fault or the dealers .. but the dealer I spoke to is really pointing the finger at Suzuki here.

    If this is the case, I think Suzuki are on crack. If I can't ride it, I'll probably not buy it, and end up buying something more expensive simply because I can actually test ride it before plonking down a deposit. The Sprint GT is less than 2k more expensive, and is looking really attractive right about now. Suzuki are going to lose a sale. And according to the sales guy I spoke to, he is losing 1 or 2 people every week who want to test ride one, but can't. Are they then going up and getting a ride on a Sprint and loving it and buying one of those instead? Probably.

    Does anyone know of a demo GSX1250FA in a shop anywhere in the Sydney area? I don't have a huge amount of brand loyalty to Suzuki, but I do think they make a good machine, and would at least like to give them a chance to sell me a bike.

    Eesh, it shouldn't be this hard.