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2010 Suzuki GSX-R125 leaked...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by van, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. All these stupid 125s... where are the inline-4 250s and 400s?? :roll:
  2. It is all about licensing rules in Europe
    The fact we get them is just be chance…
  3. Looks sweet to me.

    It'll increase the uptake of female learners at least.
  4. #5 swingarm, Sep 3, 2009
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    125 is fine, but it needs 5 cylinders.
    A 250 needs 6.

  5. Ditto what Falco said, they've been doing things like that since about '83 in Britain so I'm surprised it hasn't caught up before now. Suppose 'expensive' petrol helps a bit in that regard.

    I think it's an alright idea. Now...if only they'd put a nice engine in the same light, responsive frame; something along the lines of a well-tuned 250cc dirt bike unit. 30+ horses and under 150kg? It'd be a hoot for around town! Especially if they used the 450 series...

    Cheers - boingk

    PS: van, nice sig!
  6. 125? Two stroke or GTFO
  7. +1 :moped:
  8. Isn't 125cc merely a shot glass bigger than a postie bike?
    :p :LOL:
  9. Looks alot like a photoshopped CBR125 to me
  10. Maybe suzuki just copied its competitors, afterall I bet the engineers couldnt be assed putting effort into a 125cc :LOL:
  11. If they can sell thousands of them in Europe, Sth America and even India at $5000ish+ they would...

    CBR, YZF, GSXR bullshit. They're just dressed up scooters. Cheapening the 'brand' if you ask me. Even as a learner bike I'm sceptical of the 'experience' that could be achieved in preparation for a 'real' bike.
  12. only thing thats different from the cbr125 is the headlights and the mirrors and also the rear footpegs.
  13. Hmmmm..... judging by the ratio of scooter to bikes in sydney CBD m/c parking, I'm not surprised there's a tendency for other manufacturers to follow Honda's move into 125cc singles.

    I mean, if there's demand in the market, and there's money to be made by shifting the manufacturing off-shore, then why not ?

    For $5k, you can buy a shiny new learner's bike, sounds alright to me.

    I'm sure the companies have done their market research into the demands in the sector before justifying the project.

    On the other hand, I've been off my L's & P's for 8 years, so what would I know of the learner market ? :p
  14. Looks all right. The fairings look like they are about to swallow the front wheel. Also wheel looks thin and very breakable.
    I would definately prefer the yammie. It's major hot.
  15. Sheeeeeet. I'll be spoilt for choice now when upgrading.