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2010 Suzuki Boulevard M50

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by grfxninja, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. So I just dropped a deposit on this today:

    Absolutely stoked!
    Picked it up for $7600. Has roughly 4500 k's on the clock?
    Bit of a step up from the little 250 intruder :D

    On a side note: can anybody point me in the direction to find out what the penalty is for riding a non-LAMS bike while still on a restricted license?
    I don't plan on riding it, but I know it'll get the better of me soon enough :D
  2. If my understanding is correct, i believe the penalty is worse than riding without a licence.
    Could be wrong.
    damn nice bike though. enjoy it..
    Cl 114 (1) Ride motorcycle of prohibited capacity/power - 1st offence in 5 years 7 $441 7
    Cl 114 (1) Ride motorcycle of prohibited capacity/power - 2nd or subsequent offence in 5 years 9 $677 7

    that took a while to find... so 7 demerit points and a bit of a fine....

    full link of the many things people can be penalised for in NSW http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/usingroads/downloads/demeritlist_dl1.html
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  4. very nice bike... but i wouldnt even bother ridding it just yet... is it really worth the risk ??? how long till off ya Ps ???? just remember a loss of licence might be longer then the time left
  5. Nice looking bike! Just wait a while and enjoy it properly.
  6. Thanks guys :)

    Kingy: still got 12 months to go, but I bought it because I felt it was a good deal and didn't want to pass it up
  7. 12 months? That is gonna seem like a frickin eternity!!!! I feel for you dawg!!

    Always keep in mind that if you're caught, it'll be even longer before you get on the thing!!

    Did you buy it privately? Did you test ride it.
  8. yep & yep.
    I have a mate who has the C50 which I have ridden before so I had some idea of what to expect. Took it for a good run to make sure everything felt “right" about it. Pretty much around the local streets of the current owner and also on some back roads (100km/h areas) so I could open it up to see how it went and I was extremely happy with it.
    To be honest, you would have a hard time getting the big stupid-looking grin off my face :D

    Now just need to try and show some restraint for the next year… Not sure how that is going to go.
    I’ll most likely spend the time researching customising options like different pipes (I hate the look of the stock pipes…) etc.
  9. nice lookin bike, you WONT resist!! :) Hope you dont get caught!!
  10. i had a M50 the cobra pipes sound and look mean as .... my 2 cents worth .
  11. Cobra's on my C50 sound hot.

    Nice ride. Be good :)
  12. A third vote for the Cobra pipes.

    If you do manage to resist the urge to ride it, at least you will have most likely modded it close to how you want it.