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2010 Street Triple R - Faulty Tank Water relief/breathers.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Grumpy_Trumpy, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. Just picked mine up going on a couple of weeks now. Absolutely love it... up to my first service too but a recent misshap has left me a bit unhappy! This is how it all goes!

    I've been dry/spot washing my bike for the first couple of weeks but a couple of days of riding 200km+ left it rather fly splattered and dirty so I set the hose on to it and left her sit until I could get the thing booked in for it's next service!

    SO, here's the surprise, I come home the next day just to stare at my beauty and for whatever reason, I decided to open the fuel tank and what happens!? In rushes a heap of water (a full cap worth). SHOCKED and rather pissed at what had happened I started cursing and wondering what the F**K had just happened. As some of you may know the tank has it's own breathers or water/air releases under the cap, 1 either side. These are NOT FUEL TANK BREATHERS as the tank is sealed by the rubber ring. They are to let any water that gets in the top of the cap out and under your bike (The 2 hoses you see underneath it).

    So I jump on the phone straight away and start quizzing PS and neither the sales guy, or 2 service people could give me any straight answers as to what the 2 holes in the filler are even for! So I started my own troubleshooting... hinged the tank up and started blowing through the holes with some hose - no bubbling in the tank (obviously). No air getting out of the bottom 2 hoses. Try the other hole, hmm air is coming out one of the hoses. So I start tracing things out and low and behold, looking closer under the tank I see a nicely KINKED rubber hose.

    I get back on the phone to PS, this time to the STORE MANAGER & tell them that I HAVE figured this out & that some twat either at PS or Triumph obviously hasn't covered the Pre-delivery very well... and so the attitude starts.

    "So did just a bit of water dribble in?" - "No MR smart manager, do you know what a tank looks like!? Well do you know the depth of the filler before you are actually inside the tank!? That was FULL and ALL OF IT went in!" - "Ohh, so it wasn't just a bit of water then!?" - Dahhhhhhhhhhh Anyway, closely followed by...

    "Our bikes are always quality checked, blah blah blah. We'll need YOU to get the bike back to us - obviously I don't plan on riding it, nor do I/should I plan on going out of my way to get it back to them when this is obviously their problem!! - we don't cover transport under warranty claims, etc." So I clearly stated that this isn't a warranty claim, it's not a fault, it's something that was delivered FAULTY from the floord

    Now if I was to have pulled into a servo on a rainy day to fill up and had the same results happen, I would be up shit creek. I clearly stated to the manager that I could happily ride it to his service shop which would more than likely cause more damage to the fuel system, costing them more money, blah blah blah to which he has only come half way with me now to say that he'll get the bike picked up, but once it's fixed (and if there is even a "problem" as he calls it) that i'll not only have to pick the bike up, but foot the bill if there is nothing wrong.

    The bloody cheek from PS I swear... this is going down in the diary & they are definitely never getting my service ever again. Bar the price difference I saved & the lack of triumph dealers in Melbs, I would have gladly gone somewhere else and paid more for peace of mind!

    Please people, tell me where I stand... the BEST & WORST case scenarios of damage to the bike - it hasn't been run since - & what PS should actually carry out to fix it, & how, if I even can, will I tell if they have even done anything and either A) Not just flushed all of my precious 98 Octane and filled it up again or 8) Kindly tipped in a bottle or few mL's of Metho as one of the service techs tried to advise me to do until it runs smooth!!!! :|

    I'm sure there is more, but I'm just a little up in the air about it all at the moment. I just want to know it's fixed properly, which still isn't a guarentee & get back into my riding. There's a very sour feeling in my mouth! One other thing, what are my rights & should PS be sending the bike back to me at their costs!? (which is what I'm fighting for next)

    End Rant!!



    **EDIT** Almost forgot, when I popped the tank too, there is a little rubber that (I'm figuring) is meant to cover the other drain hole and aids in popping the cap up when you open it - well this thing was just floating on top of the lid too, luckily it didn't fall in but closer inspection of this too shows that it's all cracked and torn as if it's dried up and about 40years old!
  2. That does sound pretty ridiculous. I got mine a couple of months ago and I've had it back to them because one of the coolant hoses had worked its way loose. I checked some triumph forums and apparently that is not unheard of. They don't seem to tighten them enough when they roll out of the factory, which seems slack.

    I haven't had problems with those over-fill hoses though. I know from experience that they will also drain away any excess fuel if you get over-enthusiastic at the pump. Of course, this will only happen if they aren't kinked.

    How exactly was the hose kinked, by the way? Did it look like it had been deliberately done? Or was it just when the fuel tank was put on they squished the hose?

    For the record, I've only had good experiences with the service staff at PS so far. Results vary, of course.
  3. I wont say which story it actually is, but it's not the City, nor the Ringwood or Geelong stores. That said, sales stage was great and the service was spot on - after sales leaves very little to be desired!

    Anyway, I have pics on the way - slow upload - but by the looks of things, the hose was kinked from day one, and not by the tank. To me, it looks like it's been over-rotated/put on with the wrong exit angle and it's simply wrapped around itself.

    I say that it looks like it's been like that from day one because the kink actually wont come out when laid out on a table, it's formed a new shape by staying stuck in that position for a decent period of time, thus resulting in a smaller overall diameter of the hose.

    On closer inspection too, whilst just staring quite furiously at my bike, I noticed a nice little gap between the rear casing and my guages also! So I give it a little tug/push/pull and whadya now!? It's loose as can be and would hardly seal out any water!

    Not a happy chap at the moment and just hope it all gets sorted sometime soon, which to me is looking something like 3-4weeks, including off-the-road service time, assuming no parts need to be ordered too.

  4. Photos: (Pretty much says it all - I'll have to get a photo of the little rubber thing i'm talking about too!)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  5. And some more:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. Ouch.

    I've had all good experiences with ps so far.

    Free Suspension help etc.

    Unless It's a major Pain to pick up the bike I would Make the effort to go get it when fixed.

    Pick your battles etc.

    As for the " if there is nothing wrong you pay " I'm guessing they get a lot
    Of wild goose Chases that doesn't excuse them being rude about it.
  7. My only real upset at the moment is the lack of service i've been provided followed by the lack of knowledge in their own product, yet arrogance enough to back their worksmanship.

    I can understand that they might think i'm trying to sting them, but why on earth would I want to return my bike for a rubber hose, 2 weeks after picking it up!? Anyway, I was initially quoted on a first service around the $300 mark which seems pretty steep (after being told pre-purchase of the bike that they are closer to the $200 mark), I'm contemplating getting it done there just to save a trip, but if Turn One does a cheaper first service, then I'll just wait until I get back.

    Going off past stories, at least I can have a bit more trust in what's happening to my bike. Which brings me to the other questions... what should PS be doing to rectify this problem, what can I expect to get done!? New Fuel filter, pulled & flushed fuel pump (they are internal and my local Kawa Mechanic says that it should be removed and cleaned), new hoses, etc. etc.!?

  8. Firstly, you bought a Triumph. I would buy one again but only with my eyes wide open.

    Secondly, you're being a little hysterical about the water. Drain the tank, replace the pipe and be done with it. If you're not up to it take to a trusted mechanic and cop the expense. You can pursue the warranty route on principal or you can swallow your pride and get it fixed properly; in my experience these are almost always mutually exclusive.

    Finally, take it to the best mechanic you can find for servicing, NOT the most convenient or cheapest. You're already unhappy with PS why the hell would you take it back there?
  9. + 1 on the hysterical.

    My drain blocked for the first time the other day. Your cap might be different, but the space around my "plug" would equate to well less than 100ml and that if it were chockers and it all went in.

    That much water the FI would suck it into the engine and hardly miss a beat.

    You probably get more water in a slightly bad tank of fuel.
  10. More than likely won't be getting the first service done there. If it's not too different price was, I MIGHT, but only because everyone says you should get the first one done there, I just don't feel like I even owe them that!

    As for being hysterical, I think some of you are missing the point. This wasn't just a blocked hose (it was completely kinked and closed over from the factory) or a little bit of water, it could possibly be a bigger problem also. As well as faulty rubbers above the tank & now the guage surround.

    I just think their attitude for one should be better post purchase & also held responsible for poor quality inspections. At the end of the day, like I said, I DO love the bike, just not the issues & attitude that I'd only expect to be getting with a second hander!

    As for servicing, I plan on going to the best, costs aren't the issue if the job is going to get done properly!

    Also, thanks for the replies, however, noone has actually provided any valuable info yet, I wonder if something like this happened to yourselves after forking out ~$15k if you'd still be saying what you are!

  11. Daniel, I'd be pissed off too. Stick to your guns.
  12. Why do people always assume they're special? :roll: Much, much worse occurred to me when I dumped close to $20k on my Triumph some years ago and not only did I say what I said, I did what I said. I've had even worse experiences with that Italian brand whose name I shall not speak. Such is life...

    To answer your question explicitly, if I must, PS should replace the kinked hose assuming the kink is permanent. I wouldn't accept any less but I don't think they have any obligation beyond that. Though I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to really infuriate you and suggest you shouldn't have removed it yourself. :)

    The best and worse case scenario is that your bike is and will be fine - relax. I think you're local Kwaka man is feeding off your hysteria. :wink:
  13. Replace hose, flush my tank and top up the 3/4 I had in it again!? (Considering they never gave me a full tank from new anyway) :p

    As for the local Kwaka man, he's very well known & also happens to know Steve & Vince and believes if it was his problem he would be treating it in a much more professional manner.

    Time will tell, bike is being picked up tomorrow morning at 9:30!

  14. Well, it goes without saying that in an 'ideal' world it would be dealt with in a more professional manner but we're talking about PS here. Let's just hope they don't screw up anything else while fixing it. [-o<

    Funnily enough they jibbed me on the full fuel tank too when I picked up my sister's bike a few years ago. Perhaps, it's standard operating procedure.
  15. Well obviously the world is all BUT ideal. Got the bike back from PS today.

    I'd hate to waste their precious time (that they should have covered pre-delivery), but this is how it goes.

    - Pulled the tank & possibly the pump - wasn't very clear - flushed the tank & filled it back up. (only about half too the tightasses & no doubt 98 which is what I had in it!!!)

    - Straightened out and put the original hose back in - apparently it was OK, which it isn't because I pulled it out myself and it was permanently creased from being f**ked for so long.
    - Same deal with the cracked/perished rubber that goes in the top of the petrol cap - "Oh yeah, that was fine, it only had 1 little hole in it (which was Bullsh*t, it had about 20 little cracks all the way around it), & one of the guys just glued it up and put it back in. :shock::eek: Bastards!

    Anyway, I kicked up my fuss & said that wasn't good enough & I clearly said I wanted that stuff replaced when I originally told all of 4 people about the problem. SO, now they are on backorder, new hose & new rubber.

    I don't get it, if these people did their jobs right from the start, they wouldn't have any problems. BUT, it's only all too clear that A LOT of people these days just don't want to do their job and simply shouldn't exist! They are only their to drain the life of others and make their days longer!

    PS = perfect example, overstaffed but useless anyway as 90% of them just stand around speaking to each other or twiddling their thumbs!

    Whatever, I've got my bike back now & I just want to enjoy the thing - watch this space in the future in case something else just "happens" to arise! :roll:
  16. Hi just found this thread, I'm looking into buying a street triple and am researching faults, servicing, problems etc. The kinked hose is a pain in the arse but could have been picked up earlier before water got in the tank. Every so often when I fill up the tank on my bike (GS500 at the moment upgrading Nov.) I deliberatley over fill by a small amount to check that these hoses are not blocked, it gives me a nice feeling to see that petrol dribble onto my foot unlike when I'm pissing and do the same thing. I would rather waste a teaspoon of petrol once in a while than experince this sort of crap. I know this doesn't fix the problem but may be worth bearing in mind for the future.
  17. I must say that PS can be a pain in the arse, which is why i would never buy a bike from them, i guess theres not much choices when it comes to triumph.

    After sales service is really lacking at most of your larger multi brand bike stores. They are trying to make money in competition with the factory dealers. They need to do things cheaper to compete, which is not cost effective when there is no real brand loyalty to protect within the store. They dont care if you buy a Suzuki or a Honda, as long as they can provide a quote cheaper than a factory dealer, they win...

    After sales service lowers their profit margin on the original sale.

    I bought my Yamaha from a Yamaha dealer 3 years ago, and the salesman still knows my name each time i walk in for a service, (I have only been in the store three times since purchase). I find it really nice that he remembers my name, and asks me about my bike.

    It sounds as though the service manager at PS really gives a shit about repeat business for the sales dept. This is a shame, because whatever the outcome they have lost a customer in Daniel.
  18. Totally agree fellas... to my surprise most of the staff there actually remember my name I've been there so many times - & my salesman is actually top-notch, just the rest leaves a lot to be desired.

    As for the over-filling thing, definitely suss it out nor, even just tipping a bit of metho in the tank every so often to get out some of the 'sh*t' & then a bit down the overflows ;)

    Definitely would have gone elsewhere if I had the choice! Either way, I'm super happy with the bike which greatly outweighs the few days in total that were lost to things like this.
  19. Sounds like typical Peter Stevens Dandenong service shop quality to me. Am I right about the store location? Great guys on the sales floor, absolute monkeys out the back.
  20. Too right!!

    Will get back to you on those parts too mate... I'll see if I get a chance tonight! ;)