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2010 R6 .. Lowering?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by bdzy88, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just a quick question (I did a search and couldnt find squat)

    Im about 5" 10' but i have extremely short legs (yes im out of proportion) haha.

    I find my 2010 R6 just that little bit to high to be comftorble, i want to lower it by about an inch.

    Does anyone know anyone in melbourne that could do this?

    I know you can buy the lowering links from ebay, however not keen enough to muck about with suspension myself.

    Also, does anyone know any performance workshops in the melbourne area?

    Thankyou guys.

  2. have you tried changing the preloading on the bike.. this will lower the bike by a little bit, but it changes the way the rear of the bike handles. by giving less travel... (not so good if you are heavy set, but ok if dont weigh much).
    check your manual on how to do this or speak to your dealership and they may adjust this for you for nothing..


  3. Staffords in Heidelberg ie near you, when they were a Yammie dealer a few years back used to fit lowering kits for brand new R6's from memory. Might be worth giving them a call, chat to Don Stafford.

    Good luck
  4. Dont do it!

    Just try to get used to it
  5. There's an advertiser in the back of AMCN that advertises to do just that.

    Are you able to get the seat sculpted a little thinner where your legs go? that would give you the ability to put your feet down without messing around with the suspension
  6. a friend of mine got both the suspension adjusted, and altered the seat.

    I'd probably alter the seat before I changed the suspension.
  7. Don't stuff with the preload to lower it, it should be set up for your weight.

    I just had my gf's cbr600rr lowered properly. New fork internals. It cost around 1,200 to get done which is expensive but well worth it.. Compared to our friends bike that's lowered with a dog bone the difference is day and night.

    But I agree that you should be able to get used to it being 5 10". spare a thought for my gf who is 5.1 lol.
  8. Krooze Tune will do it for you. They shorten the shocker shaft and drop the forks a tiny bit to keep the same rake.
    Don't forget to shorten your side stand as well.
  9. Don't Fukn Lower it!!!!!!!

    Ok, I'm 5'4 and ride an '08 Daytona with a seat height of 830mm.

    Your R6 has a seat height of 850mm.

    First off; using pre-load to adjust the height is stupid. If you actually intend to ride it like a super-sport then the pre-load will have better things to do. If your going to sip coffee, ride only to lygon street in your designer Calvin Klein Jeans with your replica Rossi jacket and generally be a poser fag then sure use the pre-load to lower it.

    Secondly; to properly lower a bike will cost you around 4 figures of $$$$'s. I enquired through several places in and around melbourne and they all quoted over $1000+. This (generally) includes replacing front and rear springs, re-valving the suspension front and rear and re-gassing (rear). Some may wish to slide the forks through the triple clamp, depends who you speak to. All those news bits mentioned plus time = $$$$'s. Here's the kicker, everyone I spoke to all said they couldn't guarantee the handling would be the same!!!

    Thirdly, you Don't need to lower it. Hear me out - my story;

    As mentioned I'm a short arse, and can squash my bike with 74kg's of idiocy. When I purchased my bike I brought it for handling, power delivery and other stuff, NOT to be comfortable at the traffic lights or to be able to reverse. My pillions have to climb on when I have the bike on the side stand and generally I have a quick glance at the road when I come to a stop. NO BIG DEAL!!! I brought it for going around corners, not been comfortable at traffic lights. Yes I commute also, a lot. I love my bike to bits, ask anyone's who ridden with me, the height issue never enters my mind anymore.

    When I got mine, we intitally tried sliding the forks 10mm though the triple clamp and that last 2 days, it totally fukn ruined the handling - almost un-rideable.

    I had a certain someone tell me; Stick with it and just try it for a month. I'm glad I did!!!

    I ended up raising the bike slightly when I had the suspension professionally tuned at a track day which involved adding more preload to the rear.

    Now; I don't even notice it. Some extremely windy days when I pull up at a cut up intersection can be interesting, but I there for a total of 1-2 minutes? I can't reverse really, who cares?

    Just ride it for a month or two and your body will adjust. My hip flexors went through an adjustment period and now I don't even think twice really. It just happens. I can still filter at low speeds where I might need to quick tap a foot down, I just plan ahead my path as to not get stuck in the first place.

    Don't lower it.
  10. shave the seat a little. its a let chaper and doesnt affect the ride at all
  11. lowering a bike will change the steering. If you do lower it, you have to lower the front as well.

    when i bought my bike it was lowered. It rode well. I got it raised to original height and it rode awesome. handled like a different bike.