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2010 R6 clutch lever

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by tonyso, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    I have just bought a R6 and absolutely in love with it!! the only thing is the clutch lever is so hard that my left hand hurts after riding just one hour.

    is this normal?? is the lever suppose to 'soften' or 'break in' after some use or I just need to harden up and get used to it?
  2. Unless you are a limp wrist :p it shouldnt be so bad.
    Understandable if you are doing stop start in traffic though.

    Tried spraying some WD40 inside the pins etc for the lever?
    Oiled your cables?
  3. Congrats on the new purchase! Is this your first big bike?
    Most clutches are a bit heavy for the first few outings, it should relax after a little while.
    Also consider getting some aftermarket levers to help with... well leverage so you don't have to reach as far or put as much effort in.

    Ride safe
  4. well, i consider myself reasonable fit that's why i am so puzzled... but yeah it was stop start traffic

    i will try and apply some wd40 to the pins and see if that helps.
  5. Could be a number of things (weak ass wrist included) :)
    But yes, lube lever bearing, and look for any kinks.

    Second hand bike? Slight chance if all else fails, may have aftermarket springs!
  6. yes this is my first big bike! very excited!!

    i will see how it goes after a month or so, if i still feel uncomfortable with the levers i will go and look into aftermarkets
  7. harden up, your hand will get stronger... try 2 fingering it and see how you feel haha.

    As an aside i'm currently deciding between a shorty or long lever for the clutch and I can't decide. I prefer 2 finger clutching but in traffic the whole hand is a bit easier, that being said if an aftermarket shorty will provide more leverage I'm likely to stick to a shorty.
  8. shorty all the way ;)
  9. Your old bike must have been piss weak in that dept for you to say this about the R6.
  10. maybe not all people w@nk as much as you do with your left hand while in race prep, respi ;) :cheeky:
  11. Get some shorties and get on with it.
    Do they still make those exercise thingies that you compress in your hand?
    Everyone had them in the 90s

  12. just bought a set of pazzo levers today, hopefully that will help.
  13. Ok, here it comes...

    Do NOT lubricate anything with WD40! It is an anti-seize, water dispersal and degreasing agent only, and will not provide the protective lubrication that oil does. In fact, it will strip oil away and increase wear.

    I would buy a cable oiler from eBay and then use that on the cable. Also check that the lever is properly adjusted for your reach as this is a major factor for prolonged/repetetive use.

    BTW, my GSX-1100 is a hell of a bike size and effort-wise and it doesn't require much clutch force. It also makes a mates new ZX-6 feel like a feather-touch in comparison, almost like the lever isn't connected to anything at all.

    You'll get use to it... either that or I'm freakin' Superman.

    Cheers - boingk
  14. pah - you wish! :cheeky:
  15. It may well be they are adjusted wrong to far up or down on the bars as boingk stated ,you can have the best leavers in the world but if their adjusted wrong they ain't worth shit also you might want to losen your grip, you may be hanging on to tight try and relax.
  16. alternatively he could also use some grease paste on the pivot pin
    that usually smoothes it out like a fine whiskey
  17. Im actually using one of those right now...
  18. I thought thats what breasts were for?

    - boingk
  19. got me stone cold mate.. Stone bloody cold!

    p.s I'm right handed though :)

  20. I'm sure they make right handed ones... :)