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2010 r1

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by grunter072, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. Just screwing around with photoshop.

  2. fun times
  3. Bah, if you're gonna photoshop you should be more creative than that.
    (Couldn't be arsed trying to fill in the background).

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  4. Hey he's not wearing an as1698 approved lid. Bad rex.
  5. Brum brum!!!!
  6. That's a velociraptor. T-rexes are too big to ride motorcycles.
  7. It looks like a rex. With that much weight on the bike it could possibly slip in to the lams p/w ratio.

    Edit: the raptor weights next to nothing so for lams must be ridden by a rex.
  8. That's only because I've cropped the tail. Plus this is a "Jurassic Park" 'raptor, which means it's size/weight is infinitely variable to suit whatever purpose is necessary (stupid non-scientific movie).

    And at roughly 5-6 tonne a T-rex is way too heavy for the footpegs of an R1.
  9. That's definitely heavy and even pushes it into a level below lams p/w. Did you study dinosaurs as you seem to know abit about them?
    All I saw when I looked at the pic was a dinosaur and as its too late didnt notice the intricate technicalities.
  10. No more than I've studied anything else.

    Of course velociraptors are the subject of much internet humour, and I probably spend way too much time on science-based humour websites. :)
  11. I supplied one - he ate it
  12. Another selling point for your helmets - "velociraptor digestible" :LOL:
  13. That dino needs some Takamii carbon fibre in it's life.
  14. why -- is it constipated and needs fibre ?
  15. No because it's angry and the carbon fibre helmet will make it too school for cool and happy like a dipladocus plus it's neck won't hurt when it goes for long rides in search of nutrition because the helmet is so light.
  16. Okay, now he's all nice and legal.

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  17. hahaha he is still a squid
  18. Bahahahaha!!

    I can't stop laughing. :rofl:
  19. I like the new R1, and the sound of the big bang motor, but front view just looks so much like jack Nicholson version of the joker out of batman, that it's uncanny.
    So not for me, but as always, a TOP bike
  20. Fixed the background. :)
    (Nothing turns a mediocre movie to an awesome one more than 'raptors on motorcycles).

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