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2010 Ninja 250 - Givi E55 top box. Need advice

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by HADOUKEN, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. Hello All,

    An upcoming change in office location to Perth CBD will mean I will be parking my bike ~1km from the office and walking in. I have a 2010 Ninja 250 and have done a bit of looking around online into top boxes as I would prefer to lock my helmet and jacket in the top box rather than cart them along with my backpack 1km each way.

    I was wondering if a Givi E55 top box would be overkill and look ridiculous on a ninja 250? Also, if a mounting kit such as SW-MOTECH's would do the job to mount it stable? see link Alu Rack Kawasaki Ninja 250R '08- | GPT.84.820.15000/B

    Any advice or reliable (cheaper) alternatives would be appreciated.

  2. Why don't u just padlock it to the bike
  3. I've got the E55 on my 1250 Bandit and its a good size for this bike, but for the smaller 250 Ninja I'd think it would be too big - its 320mm high, 450mm long and 590mm wide, its about the biggest they make, interestingly though that all the Monokeys are rated at 10kg - must be related to the mounting rather than the capacity.

    Maybe something a little smaller from the Monolock range might be better, but not sure if they can fit both a helmet and a jacket, worth going to one of the larger shops that have them on display to check size and styles.

    You'll also need the Monokey adaptor kit for this topbox, the smaller 3kg Givi boxes use the Monolock plate.
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  4. It'll be parked outside every day... in a designated motorcycle parking lot. Definitely not doing that.... If there was under cover parking, 100% would be doing this.
  5. Awesome, thanks for the info! That gives me a great reference. I went to my LBS earlier tonight and had a chat. I'm expecting a call back tomorrow as the dude who deals with those enquiries wasn't around. I'll hopefully get a quote and suggestion from them as to the size for my bike. If it's too much, I might just suck it up and walk to work with my gear.
  6. Cheapest alternative is to buy a $20 helmet off gumtree and lock it up. That's what I used to do.
  7. I have seen before that instead of running a rack you can buy a spare pillion seat (ebay) and turn it into the topbox base. This also centralises the mass a bit better too, as long as it doesn't hinder you getting on and off the bike. Also, depending on your budget, you can find 50lt topboxs for around $50..
  8. Just watch the postage:


    Gumtree is good for finding stuff locally.
  9. 1km is a long way to walk in riding boots... maybe they can pay for taxi/bus from the parking area? :D

    V47 on a ninja300

    E55 case on a?
  10. Definitely is! Thanks for the pics... gives me a really good picture of what it would look like.

    Looks like the e55 would be ridiculously oversized for the two fiddy.

    Leaning toward just walking in and when $$$ are good getting a bigger bike with more luggage options :) pending the missus okaying it ;)

    The $$$ on the set up of the top box would go nicely toward replacing my rotten old *cough* HJC *cough* with a new Shoei. Kind of fell in love when was in the LBS.
  11. have you tried to fit jacket and helmet into any of the boxes? how small a box can it fit in? or needs to be 55?

    I don't think it's too big... nowhere near as wide as handlebars, just looks huge :p
    but is something you can take from bike to bike too