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2010 Netrider World Superbike Tipping Comp.....

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by MVrog, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. I will run this again. Same rules as last year. Anyone interested?

  2. I will give it another shot.
  3. ........In
  4. Ok......... I'm in.
  5. I'll wildly pick based on… nothing at all! I'm in :)
  6. of course :)
  7. Definitely will be in.
  8. If anyone can play, I'll have a crack! (rules?)

  9. I'm in.
  10. How does this work?
  11. If you don't understand, take a look at last years comp. It is back a couple of pages.

    I will put the rules up, when I see what sort of response I get, but they will be exactly the same as last year.
  12. I will finally be able to watch the superbikes this season, so count me in for this too.

    GO THE KWAKS. lol.
  13. Prez, I just knew that you would get on board.
  14. on my 3000th, im in :)
  15. I'm in (but now that sparrar has gone, whose tips am I going to copy?)
  16. Mine, I suppose
  17. yeah, I'll give it another go. Can't do worse than last year :)
  18. I'll give it a crack!
  19. First race is this Sunday (PI) so don't forget to put your tips in this week.