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2010 Motorcyle Expo - Not coming to Sydney

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 99CIBBER, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. I was looking forward to this years Expo, looks like I'll have to take a ride down to Melbourne in November.

    Sydney siders have to wait until 2011....

  2. old news champ :) Sydney Melbourne get a year each
  3. hmm, I've been to the Sydney Motorcycle Show 2 years in a row. 08 and 09. I remember watching the dude stunting on a harley outside, it was about 44 degrees in the shade. :)
  4. wherever it is, will there be a Netrider Stand, that's the big question?
  5. and a good one too

  6. Another good reason for a ride to Melbourne then.

    Anyone know if Guzzi and Aprilia are going to show this year?
  7. shame gold coast misses out, i would of went there
  8. psst, you would have gone there.....
  9. After 2008 they decided to alternate a year in each. It apparently gets too expensive for the exhibitors doing two expos a year.
  10. We don't even get anything special here anyway, it isn't like EICMA or anything. We essentially get a "show" that is one giant dealership with all makes in one place and a big accessories shop. And they can't even pull that off every year. What a joke.
  11. :WStupid: i too, fail too see the point, if i want to see the current model bikes i will go to a bike shop
  12. According to this Aprilia will be there but no Guzzi as yet.


    I think it's because car makes have these expos yearly that bike manufacturers feel inclined to follow suit.
  13. Will we see the 2011 ZX10?
  14. CV posted that he was sitting at Valencia today watching one go round and round, does that help?

    Seriously, the local motorcycle shows haven't been worth going to for yonks, mainly because they are held at the wrong time of the year.

    New bike releases are about to happen in the northern show season. We'll see pics of them and read road tests and, sometime next year they will be in our showrooms. By the time that next year's show season here rolls around, we will, as usual, have seen all the new bikes, and could even be riding them.

    Until our show season is re-scheduled to be AFTER the northern hemisphere one, we will continue to see year-old bikes at our bike shows, and who's going to pay to see that?
  15. But the Gold Coast will continue each year......
  16. Yeah but the sales staff at your bike shop generally aren't as good to look at as the "sales staff" at the expo.

    I find the ones at the expo much more compelling.
  17. Anybody going to the motorcycle expo? I am!
  18. '

    about 30,000 people plus me!
  19. I'm going in, look forward to it.
  20. A little birdy tells me 'YES"