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2010 Modified Supersport Shootout

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Kermie, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. Came across this whilst im abroad.


  2. The USA is about the only country in the world that doesn't consider that 600cc 4's, 675cc triples, and 750cc twins all fall into the "Supersport Category". For them, it's 600cc, or it's cheating.
  3. meh, i not quite sure your point though stew, they tried to get a even platform and i sort of like the idea of if it doesn't equal 600cc don't include it, maybe they should of called the test the 600cc super sport shotout, but meh
  4. Cheers for the link blackster, interesting read. Just shows there is sweet fa between the big 4. The choice just comes down to preference & which one feels most comfortable, they are all very capable bikes.

    Would've been interesting to see the 675 included...though I reckon I know where it would've placed
  5. Behind the yamaha and in front of the crapasaki buuuaaahhahaha
  6. Hahaha you're a funny man goz, the r6 might win the next 250 shootout
  7. There's history to it. A number of the USA online mags have called the Duke 750's and Trumpy 675's as "cheater bikes" that shouldn't be compared to the 600cc fours. It's only odd, because they call it a "Supersport Shootout", for which the only formal definition is that which is defined by the World Supersport rules.

    The MCUSA boys included the 675 a few years back, it won, but then the next year they excluded it claiming it was a cheater bike. The odd thing about it though, was the year that they did that, they tested the Kwaka 636 against the other 600cc fours, and the Kwaka won, and they didn't have a problem with that...

    I guess the main point is that it's all about advertising dollars.
  8. Loved the fact they did this test. Was interesting to see the results of the various modifications.