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2010 Kawasaki Ninja 650RL ABS Sports good price must go

Discussion in 'Archived' started by bennjamin, Apr 18, 2011.

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  1. Hi all - close family friends bike is up for grabs - from what I can see its clean and as new , and one of the best priced out.

    - Model: 2010 Kawasaki Ninja 650RL ABS Sports
    - Build Date: 05/2010
    - Rego: QPH44
    - Colour: Black/Grey
    - Rego Expiry: 04/07/2011
    - Odometer: 1,261km
    - Condition: Practically brand new. Always garaged.
    - Price: Asking $9,000

    Randall can be contacted on 0401 406 550
    Or email him at ryip70@gmail.com

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  2. Kawasaki's role back are not "ride away prices" which means there is still rego, ctp & dealer delivery to be charged.

    The role back was $9999 not $9500.

    Both the above mentioned on that NR link.

    Interesting that the role back is no longer advertised on the kawasaki website
  3. Umm... You can get ride away price here for 9,999

    And the cheapest I've found is $9300 from here. Hence I quoted 9,500 as the 'average' ride-away price. :)

    And finally, here is the link to the price drop from Kawa website. :angel:
  4. Melbourne dealers selling a black @ RRP and a black and orange below RRP.

    You were able to verify they were in stock and being sold @ that price?

    I guess there must be some truth to bikes in melbourne being cheaper than sydney.

    Cause from the kawa dealers in sydney, no one is coming close to matching those prices when hunting for that bike with a friend, although fwiw we also found that the black and orange was cheaper than black.

    Anyway, wont partake further in this thread although feel free to send me a pm; as its a sale thread and I have no intention of crapping further on it

    Best of luck to the op......
  5. Guys its not my bike - but i will say only this - $9k is asking , you gotta start somewhere ! Also if you arent interested - dont reply :) nothing worse than a thread ruined with thoughts (on or off topic). Thanks
  6. bump it up ! Call and discuss with him...make some offers !

    See the bike its good a s new.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.