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2010 Kawasaki Ninja 250R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by -SpydeR-, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just thought I'd let everyone know that the 2010 model of Kawasaki's best seller has been released.

    So far it seems that the blue and black models are on show on the Australian website, but with speculation and pictures of the green and red special editions for Kawasaki's 25th Anniversary, let's hope that unlike last year, the special editions are also available in Australia.

    Anyway I'll let you guys decide and discuss.

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  3. looks good.

    is it in aus yet
  4. They look great and not as easy to spot as a learner bike, especially for those not in the know. Its great that there are more choices for learners now and for learners of the future other than the mixed bag of grey imports out there...
  5. Some say that the special editions featured in the pictures above are only for the US market, although apparently people have been ordering the 2010 models and dealers have been quoted saying that the green model has a checked design on the fairing, which corresponds to what you seen in the pictures above.

    So let's hope that we too finally get the special editions and not the plain vanillla kawa green or red.

    Exactly right. Who wants to be riding around a 20 year old CBR whilst they are learning. As learners we need to have a realiable and safe bike to learn on. Then once we're confident and off restrictions, we can move up onto the bigger bikes. In the mean time, we have something that looks awesome and isn't about to fall apart beneath us.
  6. I'm guessing you haven't ridden one :)
  7. Godammit ! Why didn't 250's look like this when I was starting out ?

    My first bike was a (gulp) XL185 and thought Suzuki's ER250 was the coolest bike around.

    If something like this was available I wouldn't have been so hasty to update and I mightn't have bought the biggest load of puss (CB400) I've ever had the misfortune of owning.
  8. You're right, I haven't. Although why would someone want a CBR with a 20 year old engine and that has been through dozens of owners dropping it and who knows what else. Why would you want a fast 250, that is probably only a little faster than the rest. That's what bigger bikes are for.
  9. Why buy an old bike?
    Because a learner/new rider/inexperienced rider is likely to drop the bike at some stage. Dropping an old bike is not nearly as painful as binning a new one. Shouldn't cost as much to repair either, depending on the model.

    And if it's 20 years old and still faster than the brand spankers, why would you choose anything else (unless you're a poser and need the looks)?
  10. Sure dropping the bike is a reality for most, although you can't beat the realiability of a new or near new bike. At least you know the service history of such a bike and what it has been put through as opposed to a bike that has been grey imported and at the mercy of countless riders. Besides when you're learning, you want to spend more time developing your skills on the road than in the garage. Therefore a 20+ year old bike isn't such a great idea, especially when it'll need repairing all to often.

    Anyway I'm not going to continue this discussion in this thread, as the intended purpose was to discuss the new 2010 250R.
  11. Forgot to mention, seems that the only change on the black and blue edtions of the 2010 250R is the black powder coated exhaust.
  12. I do like the new can... Cant think why else they would change anything on a bike thats been absolute winner for them.
  13. I was at a Kawasaki dealer today and they did mention that the only difference between 09 and 10 was the exhaust.
    Had a seat on it and still feels the same as the 09 essentially
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  15. They didnt for the initial release...

    Red and Black in MY08; then Black, Blue and Green for MY09.
  16. Ahhh the old New vs Old argument, im sure there's a dozen of those threads around :p

    Looks alright, cant really spot the difference from the 09. Pretty fancy colours though.
  17. Didn't realise that it was Kwaka's biggest seller. No wonder they put a bit of moolah into developing the thing. I reckon EFI would be a winner, as it's now on the new VTR250s and saves a bit of ****ing around. May increase the price beyond the budget of many learners though.
  18. Hopefully they're just holding off on the release of the special editions in green and red, thus why they aren't listed in the product specifications, as it has been previously stated that dealers have said that the green model contains a checkered design on the fairing.
  19. I agree. Europe has had EFI for a while. On a cheap little commuter such as this, it would be great. Otherwise this bike is essentially the same 20yo technology as in the GPX.

    Sure looks pretty tho.
  20. Are you sure about that? I remember that the 2008 model was a complete redesign after about a decade and came in Green, Red, Blue and Black.

    Even googling for a 2008 model comes up with the 250R in Green, Red, Black and Blue.