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2010 Hyosung GT250R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jfiddy, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,

    I was really set on getting the 2009 Kawa Ninja 250R but have been recommended to get the new 2010 Hyosung GT250R which comes out here next month:

    Hyosung GT250R




    On paper the Hyo is mechanically years ahead of the Kawa (VTwin, better brakes and forks, digital instruments), although it doesn't have as much street cred' or reputation for build quality. The new model should be at the same price point as the Ninja ($8-8.5k) so I was just fishing for commentary/thoughts.

    I'd have to say that the Hyo is really tempting me with the GSX style white/blue/black colour scheme and I'm really peeved that the Ninja 250R wasn't released in red here in Australia.

    Kawasaki Ninja 250R





  2. You go ahead and buy the bike that looks better.... I only hope for your sake that you don't have any dramas with the Hyo.
  3. How exactly is it "mechanically years ahead" it's an old air cooled v-twin v an old (albeit redesigned) water cooled parallel twin, better brakes how? the 650's get no name radials from the looks of your piccie the 250 doesn't, Just because the forks are upside down doesn't actually make them better by default, have you seen the digital instruments yes they are LCD now but they still look like a 10 yr olds electronics exam...

    But yes they now have a rear end that actually matches the front and a new paintjob woohoo.
  4. Don't do it dude. Resale is nothing short of $h!te when you've bought a new one. Trust me, I tried. I had 247 km on mine (still looked new), never dropped and tried for $4,500 o.n.o. only two months after purchasing it. I didn't even get an offer ($6,100 on the road new). A new Ninja 250R will hold on for a much much better resale. If you want the bigger bike then go the GT250R. That's about the only reason why you'll get one over the Ninja 250R. Sure, it runs ok but the Hyo has a bad reputation and that is reflected on resale value, even if the bike being sold is fine.

    You wrote that the Kwaka didn't get released in red. Since when have they dropped red from the colour scheme? The first year they were released, they were only available in black or red.

    The GT250R is now $8-8.5k? What?! It was going for about $7k (just under actually) late last year and was probably the same bike except for the fender and paint job.
  5. Yeah I've heard about the resale and all that jazz, but I'm leaning towards the Kawa because theres more mods out there for the Ninja.

    They've dropped the red in Australia for the '09 release, and only giving out the Blue, Lime and Black now. The Americans though get black, blue and red, and I heard the green is a special edition that attracts an additional $300. Go figure.
  6. Red was released here. Check the 08's.

    I do like the new styling of the Hyo, but to buy a motorbike, that is responsible for keeping me alive through the twisties based on styling.... Just no.

    That exhaust is ugly, when are they going to join the 21st century?

    Mechanically, the brakes look bigger than the Ninja, but in itself that doesnt mean good brakes.

    When I bought my bike, the Hyo was cheaper than the Kawa. If they are going to be the same price, its really a no brainer which one to choose.

    Ill reserve final judgement on its peformance until its actually out, but I am not optimistic.

  7. I think theyve got a green/silver/black version which is their special edition. Its not attractive.
  8. Really? I got $5k for my GT250R late last year when it was two years old and had had a a respray from being knocked over when parked and a minor drop, it sold it the same day it went up on bikesales.com.au. Ad went up in the morning, got a call lunchtime to come and look at it, guy looked at it and put deposit on it on the spot. Bike sold in about 12 hours total lol, wish i'd put a higher price on it!
  9. You can get a much better s/h LAMS bike for that money that will last you much longer & be better in the long run. Just saying.
  10. Although its true that to some extent any vehicle has to keep you alive on the road, its still a ridiculous statement. :roll:

    Black bikes sell the best/easiest. A black Kwaka is the best bet of the two for resale, followed by the blue one then the lime.
  11. Gday Stigger,

    What I meant was the "new" Ninja 250R is still pretty much a facelift of the old ZZR or whatever model code they gave it. Don't get me wrong, I really like the little Ninja, especially the ones from the late '90's, but I wish they could put some better tech in it.

    And red paint.
  12. Between the 2, I'd definately go for the Ninja.
  13. I'm not sure where you get the facelift from, It's all different... fairings, frame, electronics etc, do we get the FI here or carbs? The only thing I know is from the old GPX is the engine and that's had a go over.

    It's got wavy disks :grin:
  14. What kind of 'tech' should they put in it?

    Im not disagreeing, just wondering what you think would be worth putting in the 250 which would be 1) worth the price and 2) worth the weight.

    I cant think of anything in particular.

    stigger: carbys here.
  15. I wouldn't mind seeing Fuel Injection, fatter brakes, more LED's and a race-style instrument console like in the Aprilia RS125 but I guess the 250 class of bikes aren't really moving as well as they used to.

    I keep hearing that Honda and the others aren't looking into a full fairing 250 so the Hyo's are the only real competition; not much push for tech advancement at the moment.
  16. Absolutely, there's nothing "years ahead" about an air cooled engine in 2009.....efi or not.
  17. #17 Rogue01, Jun 17, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015

    The UK gets a fuel injected model, but not having ridden it, I dont see the advantage over carbs for a 250cc class 'learner' bike. I do agree with the cluster though; could definitely use some work. How many more bikes would they sell if they had one though? I dont think their bean-counters would approve that until, as you said, there is some more competition. Rumour has it that Yammy are working on a fully faired 125, so maybe its not that far off.

    I went with the Ninja as my first bike because I wanted 100% trouble free riding as I learnt the ropes of two wheels. And so far Ive got it.


    Anyway, good luck with it either way, and welcome to NetRider :)
  18. I think the advantage over carbs for a 250cc is that you can actually pass the emission tests...
  19. Why? One of the advantages of a simple bike is simplicity. The FI complicates things without adding anything on a bike like either of these. I see the carbie as an advantage on these bikes

    Again why? What's "fatness" got to do with anything?


    Why? You look at the road when you ride and sheilas not the begucking instrument panel.

    pay attention to Stigger, he's learnt the hard way.
  20. IMHO, seeing as your asking for opinions, You are on the 'right' track here>>>

    Below is a possible detour, which may lead to a less ridden path full of many potholes and unforeseeable obstacles.
    Go down the 'green' path mate