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2010 Honda VT750S Review

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dan_man_x, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. #1 dan_man_x, Dec 5, 2013
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2013
    OK I've lived with the Honda now for about 1 week. Time to jot down some thoughts.

    Firstly, the bike looks amazing. Classic style with modern touches.

    Secondly, the bike sounds pretty good too, most of the time.

    Everything else I have to say is not going to be so graceful.

    I really wonder what Honda were thinking. I might be overly critical because I build products for a living, but I can't think how someone who builds things could think to themselves, "yep, it's done".

    No, sorry, it's not done, it's a fcuking right cock up is what it is. OK, it's a bike, it does the basic job of getting you from A to B, you look good, and you sound good doing it. That's about it.

    It only takes about 30km of highway riding before you start to realise it's faults. And here they are:
    1. The handlebars have far too much vibration in them at 100kph.
    2. The crossover pipe on the exhaust is far too hot for sitting at a red light on a hot day. You'll be shifting in your seat wondering why your right leg is feeling the heat all of a sudden. People have been burnt by this and pants and boots have been helpless victims (not in my experience, but others have reported this). You cannot take a pillion as the exhaust will nuke whatever is within 10 cm of it.
    3. Speaking of the seat. It's uncomfortable as all hell after about 20 mins.
    4. The rear brake is hopeless, but that's not too much of a big deal.
    5. The front brake on the other hand is also hopeless and that's much more of an issue. I'm a bit more used to it now, but it will not stop you in a hurry that's for sure. I now know how much gap to leave in front of me to be safe, and it's a big gap.
    6. Sitting at 5th gear on the highway is not cruising, it sounds like it's revving the tits off it like it's a 250.
    7. Engine vibration goes all through the frame when accelerating hard, far, far too much vibration. It feels like the bike is about to vibrate itself apart.
    8. The fuel tank... the fuel tank... 10 litres... wtf Honda really?
    So anyway, I think I'm a bit bummed that Honda are making me shell out $1,500 for additions to the bike to make it a decent ride. If the seat, vibrations and exhaust were fixed, the other things I could deal with. It's those 3 that are really eating at me, once they're fixed with aftermarket solutions, it might actually be an enjoyable ride.

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  2. Don't want to sound like an ass - I also really like the looks of the VT750S's - but... welcome to owning a cruiser.

    - boingk
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  3. Haha yes. I took to my exhaust with a hole saw today. Now the bike really sounds bad ass and might keep a grin on my face for a while.
  4. Haha, good stuff mate!

    You may also want to check I to getting a K&N filter for her now you've done the exhaust, could help a bit with power.

    Cheers- boingk
  5. OK sweet, thanks, I'll check it out.
  6. It sounds like you should sell it and buy another bike. Maybe a Bolt? ;) Is there anything you like about it besides the looks?
  7. Well, although I have issues with a lot of the bikes design, I do prefer the cruiser riding position, so overall it's a win over my old GS500. I did look at a Bolt but it was out of my price range (double the price of the VT750S).

    Some of the faults of the bike I'm getting somewhat used to:
    - I swear removing the baffle from the exhaust has slightly lessened the handlebar vibrations.
    - my butt is hardening to the seat, so it's generally less uncomfortable than before.
    - it hasn't been hot enough weather for the exhaust crossover to cook me.
    - I found that adding some rear brake into every stop does make the braking distance/performance a lot more reasonable.
    - taking the baffle out of the exhaust does make riding it more pleasurable.
  8. I use my rear to do most of the stops on my cruiser. Front is just for stopping quick.
  9. Err.
    The bolt is still a cruiser.
    And a cruiser is still everything a functional motorbike is not.
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  10. And people put shit on hyosungs, my gv650 had none of these issues and I loved riding it