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2010 Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by nescius, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. I picked this baby up in early July, very happy with it so far. I have installed as yoshimura slip-on, power commander and k&n air filter which has bumped the power up a bit (162hp). I have also ordered a fender eliminator to get rid of that hideous oem fender. It's red, it's fast, it's awesome :grin:



  2. Nice bike! How'd you take that photo on the bike?
  3. Bloody hell.Very nice.
  4. Thanks! I took the photo using my GoPro HD Hero mounted to the fairing using the suction cup mount.
  5. I'm jealous! grats on the bike, she's a beauty
  6. ;)

    Found your thread. Howd you end up installing it all? I cant reply to my thread dammit, giving me a 501 error.
  7. I installed the pipe and the fender eliminator myself, and got Brett at MotoGarage (in Canberra) to install the air filter and power commander and do the dyno tune. I ordered the pipe from BikeGearWarehouse and it turned up pretty quickly (2 or 3 days), the fender eliminator took 3 or 4 weeks to arrive from R&G in the uk. The installation of both parts took a little while because I didn't know what I was doing, but it wasn't too hard once I figured out what I had to do.
  8. Any cutting/soldering in the fender elim? And how much fun was the exhaust? I should have most of the tools, but you never know til the 'oh fawk' moment... Plus it is fun getting intimate with the bike!
  9. Ah, good - they're a bit gutless stock.
  10. :rofl:
  11. Grats on the buy. I sooooooooooo want one!
    4 months or 130 days and counting...
  12. Top wheels and should prove hours of pleasure!
  13. You do realize, assuming the dyno is'nt different somehow, that the hp measurement is at the rear wheel? Meaning yr actual engine horespower is likely to be up in the higher 180's ( I forget the method of calculation.)
    So at 162hp at the rear wheel, you have a stonking amount of power at you disposal!
    (albeit in the 'rider beheading' punishment level if spotted by plod. :)

    Take a change of underwear and use the lot at 180+ and hang on for a manic event in yr life. :)

    Outstanding bikes. Congrats! :)
  14. Dont know about bikes but arent cars around 20-25% difference from FWHP to RWHP? Geee you gotta be happy with those numbers. Mighty impressive bike and mighty impressive photo.
  15. I'm assuming you're being sarcastic; as such, a joke!??! If not, I really think you need to take a CBR1000RR for a ride. I've got an 06 model which is completely stock and it goes like shiiiiit so I can only imagine the punch this thing would have.

    Awesome looking bike by the way. :)
  16. I doubt he's pulling yr leg.? My stock 07 with power commander on it was more of a serious ride than it was when stock.
    The new model is about the same as my slightly tricked 07, and I was beginning to get bored with the power, so the 180 plus engine hp would be much more satisfying.

    If he was being sarcastic then obviously he hasn't ridden a superbike at it's full capability much.
  17. The pre 08's were quite deceptive in their power delivery stock. Very linear and smooth. Qtr mile times proved they had the big mumbo though. And a brilliant front end when set up right.
    Put an Ohlins on the rear end and across the bars, repad the seat and they are one great bike that still can hold it's head any where any time.
  18. Current bikes are still very deceptive. Its so bloody smooth you dont even realise you're doing the double century til you change out of 3rd.

    And funnily enough, this bike has the fastest 1/4 of all the bikes this year !!
  19. As if theres not enough power on a stock 1000. NICE bike but, thanks for the tip on the camera too.
  20. I thought I recognised your avatar...... CR.... :)