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2010 GSXR750 velocity stacks install help needed pls :)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by nathp, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    i've recently received my xmas present to myself (little early but meh), what can i say but i've been good all year :angel:

    one part of it is some velocity stacks and i'm having some trouble installing them. searched around on the fourms and online but haven't really found anything to help (box instructions are s*** by the way).

    was wondering, has anyone installed them? specifically on a GSXR and yes other mods where part of that present just doing the "easy" stuff right now before taking it to E2W for the rest... will put up something in the my rides section later on...

    Thanks in advance everyone! :woot:

    edit: ps mods if this is the wrong section please adjust sorry!
  2. Actually looks like it needs a long allen key to get to the clamps holding the stacks/bottom of air box on.

    time for more tools!
  3. Is the problem getting the stock filter off - or getting the new stacks on?

    My brass stacks had three small Allen key head grub screws in each rim where they slipped over the carb, can be a bit diddly to reach so work out your grub screw access before you do the first one up.

    Photos of your carbs and stacks would be good.
  4. Just a quick update on this, Nath and I did this last night to both our bikes.
    Very easy after you get the right allen key. :)
  5. yeah all done - thanks for the reply tho.

    here's the pics of it tho, i'm going to do a build up thread later will all the rest of the bits going into the bike, but as chris said - long allen keys are required to do this, after that its very simple.