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2010 GSXR600 charging issues

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Nugdam, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Hey everyone.

    Having a few problems with my girlfriends gsxr. The bike has stalled with a flat battery twice in the last two weeks. I fully charged the battery and I'm reading 12.5v when the bike is on the battery voltage drops fairly quickly and does not change when reved. I assume this will be the charging unit... a rectifier? Not sure what bikes actually run.

    Is this a common thing for gsxrs? Is there anything else to look at and would anyone have any idea what the replacement cost is? Is it a labout intensive job?

    I will do the ring around during the week to find out but just want to confirm it's my issue first.

    Sorry it's a 2007 if that matters.

  2. Sounds like the reg rec. If not the stator. Search on here and the steps are there to identify - as it seems you have voltmeter.
    Don't get a chinese cheapo - get an aftermarket with a larger heatsink if possible or if it's the stator get aftermarket / upgraded if you're keeping the bike.

    The reg rec is simple to change. You can probably get both from ebay as a kit for $170 delivered.

    It's common on the gixxers
  3. Also consider moving the reg rec away from where it is currently behind the radiator - it gets too hot and can't dissipate heat. The later models are mounted on the frame to get air flow over them. If your handy on the tools it's not too difficult. It's a mod on most gixxer sites to follow
  4. Could also be the alternator. You need to work out Which. You tube is your friend. Plenty of vids to show you how. You need a multimeter though but can pick one up under $20.
  5. Not too b

    I'm handy enough with tools but haven't done much work on bikes but it's all pretty straight forward.

    I'll have a play on the search later see what I come up with.

    Thanks bud

  6. I've got a multimeter here so that's sorted. It's just Sussing what the problem is... I'll do some googling
  7. Yes 06-07 gsxr600/750 had regulators burning out.
    There was a factory recall to have this fixed but the time has been and gone.
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    Last edited: Mar 8, 2016
    Ok so I pulled the fairing off today and sussed out what I had do. I removed the rectifier bracket but it got a bit dark and I didnt have enough hands whilst juggling the torcg... anyway is it possible to get these two plugs through as that's where I need to test my stator according to youtube. Just seems like there isn't enough wire to get it down and I don't want to force it.

    Edit** think ive sussed it I have to pull the tank and airfilter up to access it. How do I go with starting the bike to test do i need to put airfilter and tank back on? Or do people start it with no protection over there intake.