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2010 GSF Bandit 1250SA

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by ruski, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. yyyeeeeaahhhh!
    picked up my bike tonight from Peter Stevens Ringwood :)
    sorry for the lack of pics, I'll put up some in the morning when there is light for me to take them.

    I rode from Ringwood to Mitcham to show my mum, from there to dad's friend's place in Blackburn to show dad then for a cruise back down to Springfield road and onto the freeway back to Middleborough rd and home. Almost dropped it doing a uturn in Blackburn :/ I'll get used to the weight at low speed soon enough.

    I feel like I made an excellent decision, this bike was a joy for the short trips on the way home.

    Also picked up a tank bag - Oxford 1st time expander
    and a disc lock (with reminder cable) + tank protector.

    First bling I'll pick up will be some gold rim tape.
  2. Nice work. I was at peter stevens in ringwood today checking out their thurxtons.

    Congradulations on the purchase!
  3. ah, pics? :)
  4. I should have moved my other set of 2 wheels out of the way first sorry.
    I wish this weather would clear up! I don't mind riding in the rain but I don't have any wet weather gear yet - not sure my Draggins would be up to the task haha.

    a couple of snapshots with the iPhone:

    72pn9l. 6pysm9.

    I'll take some lit shots when the weather perks up :)
  5. Aah Bandits, they do bring out the hooligan in you (well mine does anyway). Off with the can though, they look 100% better with an aftermarket slip on.
  6. yes, the hooligan in me has been brought out 10 fold unfortunately, I'm getting used to it now and aren't as tempted to give it a blast coming out of every corner anymore - which is perfect for my licence :)

    I did 260 kms over the weekend and loved every single one of them, can't wait until I have some free time to make it to a Saturday morning practice session and hopefully an advanced training course before christmas.

    Took her for an adventure out to Kinglake today with a work colleage on his BMW f650 Funduro, was a good ride and there were lots of other bikes out. Saw some poor bugger pulled over by the cops on his grey Street Triple R.

    What would you recommend I look at for pipes? I don't know much about them to be honest. Wouldn't mind something black/carbon fibre to go with the look of the bike a little better but I don't even know where to start looking. The OEM can is rather large and obnoxious.

  7. I have a Yoshimura R77 Carbon slip on (you simply slip the old pipe off and then slip on the new one) With our dollar being so damn good thesedays, ebay or import from the US will see you land the pipe for under $600. I can't supply links because work block most of the good sites.

    The pipe itself is not obnoxiously loud, I got it more from the nice deep bass and the popping on decel:grin: It's also 4kg lighter than stock. You can almost make it out on my avatar
  8. Thanks Four40, I had a look on ebay and it looks like about $540 delivered. Also looks like exactly what I want :)

    If I do order one, will I need to get my bike tuned differently for it or something? I don't know much about how exhausts work.

    I quite like the look of your 1250FA but they were a fair bit outside my budget. Plus I don't want to send anything with full fairings sliding down the road :/
  9. Congrats on the new bike. Glad you didnt get the one with the ball gown on. Mini skirts are better lol
    Now that you have done the deed you should sign up here http://nswbandits.forumotion.net/forum.htm dont worry its Aust wide and a lot of us run Beowulf slip ons. Mine is a 380mm CF job.

    I see you dont like your helmet. Hang it up on the LH pillion bracket before it drops 5 foot!
  10. Congrats on the bike, ruski! I've got the grandfather of the bandit - my GSX-1100EF - and love it to death. I imagine the riding experience is very similar to the new ones, so I can tell you that you're on a good ticket... how much fun are they!

    An aftermarket exhaust generally just lets the spent gases exit with a lot less restriction. This is good for topend power and will also improve your exhaust note. Some designs can be quite involved and even give power tailored to specific rev ranges (low, mid, top etc), but the simplest and least restrictive will essentially be a straight perforated tube wrapped in insulation and enclosed in a steel/aluminum/CF/titanium outer tube.

    You will not have to do anything to compensate if your bike is fuel injected, although getting an aftermarket fueling/ignition unit will allow you to take full advantage of the pipe you fit. If carburetted, I would suggest you turn the mixture screws on the carbs a quarter to a half turn out (richer), and possibly order a set of mainjets that are a single size over standard.

    Check out this link for more tuning theory and detail (I wrote it): Click Here

    Cheers - boingk
  11. :blushes: good tip, did that at BP this morning and it was a lot more stable than my *ahem* seat. 8-[
    I'll sign up there for sure, thanks for the link. Will also look into a Beowulf pipe when the time comes

    thanks for the write up boingk!
    The bike is injected (mmmm, no manual choke) thankfully. I'll get a chance to read through the tuning theory this weekend hopefully! I love learning stuff.

    Does anyone have luggage recommendations? I was thinking hard luggage but don't even know where to look. Will ask when I get my break in service next week.
  12. I have Givi racks and top box. Do a great job for my needs. Transferred from my GSX650F without a problem. Costly though

    Join up to the nswbandits forum, there is a guy on there who is working out some good deals for racks and lugguage.