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2010 dr-z400sm

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by IanR, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. I finally did it.

    After 6 months or so of dreaming i made a decision and bought my first bike. Got it from a bloke around the corner (only just saw he actually had it advertised on this site :S) who was super helpful and really made it an easy process.

    Took it up 'n' down the street this afternoon and loved it, hopefully it will clear up in Sydney this week and il be able to get on it some more and pin down the basics.

    Hard to tell with the helmet on here but i'm stoked!

    (for the bike details https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=125148#.Tn3ex3OXvNk)

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  2. Well done with your first bike mate! Just take it slow and learn the basics first before you do anything crazy on it. :) (as we all do with our first bike.)
  3. Congrats. They're a great bike to have.
    Be sure to insure it.
  4. wot 'e said, gov ^

    If you can't afford to insure it you can't afford to ride it
  5. Thanks all. Don't worry about me I think the max speed I reached yesterday was a thrilling 20kmph. =D>

    Any recommendations with insurance? I heard these things get stolen a bit too so I was gonna get it covered for theft too. What's people's thinking on comprehensive on a sub 10k machine? ( I'm a 20yr old male with a clean record and gonna be garaging it in 2066)
  6. irrespective of your record, your age is going to mean a hefty premium, but then again, unless you can afford to replace it out of your pocket, I don't think you've got much choice.
  7. Probably not worth insuring it if you will be garaging, invest in some heavy duty chain locks and some of those floor bolted mounting points and secure it in your garage.

    I would have a rough guess and say your looking at spending at least 2k on compo. Probably 600+ for theft.

    If you crash and write your bike off, then well, shit happens, so long as you make it to your reds you can just be bikeless for a year or two while you save up your cash to buy a new unrestricted bike once your off your P's. As there is no practical examination after the MOST test.
  8. As someone who's crashed a DRZ into trees, down hills, lowsided and highsided with only a broken headlight to show for it i'd say he picked a pretty solid bike.

    But if you write it off can I have your wheels :D
  9. Cool bike mate, nice choice. These are one of the best LAMS bikes getting around IMO. Enjoy!
  10. looks the goods mate, how much did you end up picking it up for? i saw it advertised for 7300 i think
  11. $6.8K and we called it a deal.

    Go away rain!
  12. motards are epic fun in the rain though!
  13. Jealous bro, awesome bike.

    I'd get theft protection on that as they always seem to get stolen... I myself have considered stealing one many times, but then i remind myself that i have a hard enough time taking the fairings off a bike, let alone stealing one.
  14. I had a bike just like yours stolen recently (see the stolen bike register forum) - kicking myself for not using a chain or disc lock! Fortunately it was insured (Insure My Ride have been pretty good so far and had the lowest fully-comp premiums for me). The thieves messed up the steering lock which damaged the frame and wrote it off - don't take anything for granted!

    I just put a deposit on a brand new 2012 DR-Z400SM (back in black!) as I couldn't find any decent 2nd hand replacements. I looked at every other option and kept coming back to Dr.Z - I reckon it's the best commuter there is (if you forgive the small petrol tank, lack of fuel gauge and hard seat) and should keep me happy well after I'm off my P's when I'll do the popular 3x3 airbox mod, new pipe and re-jet the carb.

    Sounds like you got yours for a good price - have fun out there!
  15. Ye i was following your saga pretty intently gridkid. Im absolutely shocked at the amount of stories going around of these things being stolen :-s I haven't yet actually got theft insurance, as all the riding i do ends me back up at home (still learning), but i intend to very soon.

    Chain or disk lock you say? Are those locks that secure the front tyre? Il look it that.

    Looking back, i think ideally i would have got a stock one, and eventually done the mods myself, as to see the bike 'grow' if that makes any sense. I shouldn't complain though, all in all it was a good buy, and definitely is a bunch of fun.

    I'm working on free'ing up a sunday soon to get down to the Sydney learners day. I feel like i've hit a wall in my learning and its kinda frustrating. I can start, stop and get around, just not with any grace :p
  16. Spend some time to practice cornering and slow speed manoeuvres in an empty car park - that's a good way to get used to the handling safely. I commute about 50kms a day so I've had lots of time to 'become one' with the bike in traffic - I just need to get onto the open road and get used to higher speed cornering next. I hear good things about the HART advanced rider training course too, I plan to book a session as soon as my new bike arrives (this week I hope).

    Disc locks are good because they're a visible deterrent, small to carry and hard to cut, just make sure it has one of those yellow cords to go around the handlebars to remind you to take it off before you ride away - a friend of mine forgot once, much to his embarrassment! You can also get cheap immobiliser alarms on eBay which you can fit yourself if you don't mind tinkering with the wiring - I can get a 5% discount on insurance by installing one.

    I just realised you bought the bike I was looking at getting before mine was recovered! Having the mods already done will save you the hassle and expense but I know what you mean about 'growing' the bike.
  17. nice little bike :) just got the e version myself... gonna get it dirty for a bit then get some street wheels for it.

    enjoy it, and dont get it stolen up there!
  18. F$#&%#K!!!

    What a day!

    Started so well with a solo ride up to Wisemans Ferry, no rain and no worries... Ended so badly, broken bike....

    Foolishly let my friend who has 0 experience on bikes have a ride tonight. End result, bent clutch lever, broken left bar end and smashed up wheel/axle sliders (luckily his leg took the majority of the beating )

    Fortunately it only happened in Crows Nest which is down the road from me, so i was able to nurse the bike home, as although the clutch was bent, it was still functional (just).

    Im not really sure what to do now though.... Should i be taking the bike into a mechanic to make sure everything is ok? It rode straight and only went down at 10kmph so i cant imagine there is any serious damage. It did have trouble starting again when i picked it up but as its running fine now i assume this just had something to do with fuel being displaced/flooding when it was on its side?? (sound right?)

    I assume it would be cheaper to source these parts myself rather then get the bike shop to do so. Is this correct? and if so, any popular websites? Ive had a look on Wheeling Cycle Supply which seems to have good stuff.

    Appreciate any time you guys have to help.
  19. Damn....that suck dude. Hate to say it but mates with zero experience need to be told to get f**ked when asked to ride motorbikes. It ain't as easy as we make it look and I've heard soooooooo many horror stories just like yours...shake my head every time.
    Best of luck with the repairs, I'm sure others will be able to point you in the right direction!
  20. just double check that the handlebars arent twisted in the clamps, i think the bars on these are rubber mounted in the top triple clamp??

    they will be funny to start as they will flood when you lay them over, but usually you'll spend about $5 on repairs after a crash. thats the beauty of tards

    did you have handguards on the bike? if not you should invest as they save bending levers when you crash.