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2010 Dainese Delmar Jacket

Discussion in 'Jackets' started by cbwolf, May 7, 2010.

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]

    I purchased this jacket from Peter Stevens in January.

    Being my first Dainese jacket, i wasn't sure what to expect but for the price i paid ($1100) i had high expectations.

    Firstly, the jacket. It's all leather, what Dainese calls their "D-Skin" and it is just amazing! It is the softest motorcycle jacket i have ever felt, but is apparantly actually stronger then the coarser leather used in their other jackets.

    It also has this thing called a "3D bubble liner", which is basically a sown in thick liner that looks like a honeycomb. Apparently it's meant to trap a layer of air between your body and the jacket, to keep you cool in heat, and warm in the cold. So....does it work? Not in the slightest! In the cold, you will still freeze your headlights off if you don't wear layers, and when it's above 25 degrees, you will cook unless you're moving quick.

    Protection wise, it has CE certified hard armour in the arms/elbow, shoulder (both internal and external via the titanium shoulder plates), space for a back protector (none included) and the Dainese neck system. This is basically hard armour that goes down from your neck 5 vertabrae and across your shoulder blades.

    It's an aggressively cut jacket with a big precurve in the sleeves and with the neck armour, it forces you to lean quiet forward. It is however, supremely comfortable, absolutely amazing quality and it seems like it would have a great amount of protection in an accident.

    Oh, it also smells like cow - permanently :)
  2. Yeah, its a great jacket. I paid $1200 for mine from PS in Feb/March... buggers. But then, I was after that one specifically and they took advantage of my desire to get it. I had been chasing one all around Australia and was told they weren't being imported. Was about to purchase one from an American D-Store.

    I wanted one because I have a red bike and white helmet:
    New Delmar@EC

    It is definitely designed for bent arms and forward lean...

    That reminds me, I've gotta go clean and wax the jacket. Oh yeah, I found that the shoulder and neck protector that is part of the jacket limits your helmet movement. So, if you are really hugging the side of the bike, you are not going to get enough neck movement to lift your visor enough to see fully through a tight fast corner. I'm thinking of getting the smaller brace, which has one less upper plate (the braces cannot be pulled apart). The bulk of the protector is over the dorsal area between the shoulder blades together with a full back protector provides excellent coverage.

    I had no problems paying $1200 for the jacket. But then, I ride my bike every day and figured that $1200 divided by 10 years is only 120 per year. I am very happy with the jacket. I wear the Forcefield Pro Sub 4 underneath, always.
  3. $849 US fromsportbiketrackgear.com, im planning to pick one up from them in a few weeks time once i have some money, good to hear that your enjoying it, they are expensive but i agree the dskin feels like no leather ive ever felt, how it can be so supple but still protective i dont know.
  4. Great Jacket man!!

    I don't mind paying a premium - I like my stuff straight away :)

    If others considering Dainese gear don't mind ordering from OS, bimoto.be have the new Delmar for under $750 delivered. Not in red though.
  5. How's the Delmar holding up after this amount of use? I'm in the market for a new jacket and am considering this one or the Dainese Alien.

    How about the Neck 5, are you still using it?

  6. I use mine almost every day in spring/summer/autumn and it is holding up very well. I took out the Neck 5 brace because I found it too restrictive on my CBR600RR. But, I always wear a back protector (Forcefield ProSub4) so it was not required all that much.

    It's a quality piece of gear. I am sure the Alien will be just as good quality. Although, I wouldn't buy black. Too hot in summer and too invisible on the road. Black is so boring anyway (don't see anyone in MotoGP just wearing black).
  7. Dainese Rebel is top notch also. My second Dainese jacket. Cant fault it in anyway. Bought from A1 ringwood for $750.