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2010 cbr

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by VasRR, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. Anyone riding the new blade ? Will be looking to buy a new bike soon. Used to have a 07 Repsol 1000. Damm the 2010 blade looks great. Canf wait to test ride it. I have to wait to November due to loosing my license. Not from my bike btw.

  2. Niiiiiiiiiiice ....

  3. nice


    bike dosnt do anything for me :)
  4. still dont like the front of it, the model before was much better looking
  5. Getting one when they get cheaper!
  6. Looks the same as the last one IMO. New paint/plastics...big deal.

    I'd probably be interested in giving the next iteration a fang, though, as both 600 and 1000 models are slated to be given true variable valve timing. Should make for an interesting package with lower emissions, better mid/low range torque and more topend. Sweet merciful geez...

    - boingk
  7. From those I know who ride one, and that I have chased, the effective difference is that the later blade, turns far more easily. It's a bit lighter of course but it does turn-in much better, and hold it's line.

    Much easier than my 07 Blade.

    I have been told though, if you put 180's on the older model it gets closer to the new one. I intend to try that next tyre change.

    I've chased a few on the track as well. Not much faster, just easier to ride as less effort required.

    I've not ridden one-just observations.
  8. Older models come with 190's I presume? Geez thats a big piece of rubber...
  9. Thanks all for replying. Lots of mixed thoughts one this bike. Even on other forums as well. Got to jump on one myself and see. I'll probably test ride all before I buy. I have tested a 1198s but $36g. Wow.
  10. You won't want get off it, compared to the older model. ( I am told)

    Yes boingk 190 is standard. That,s why it's a little slower and more effort to turn. The older model requires Alot more body positioning to get the same amount of turn(more or less).
  11. I have an 09 and I love it, such a great bike to ride, forgiving if you treat it right but will turn in to a beast when needed.
    The looks grow on you, I still think the nose is the worst looking of all the current superbikes, in saying that, you soon forget about aesthetics when it's between your legs.
  12. Many an expat's justification when awaking from a big night in the Orient, with a 'companion' still in bed...
  13. Roland Sands has had his way with that one.
  14. i dont see a wedding ring, so yeh you could be right