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2010 CB400 Ignition Switch

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Ozcharlie, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. Hey,

    My 2010 CB400 was recently damaged during an attempted theft. They tried to jam screwdriver in the the key slot and damaged it beyond repair.

    When I contacted my dealer they said that I had to replace the ignition switch and ECU which would be around $1,500 excluding labour due to the ignition switch, keys and the ECU needing to be coded and supplied together for the immobiliser to work.

    The individual correct parts (including filler cap and seat lock) are on eBay for a 10th of the price. Can anyone shed any light on this or is the dealer just trying to rip me off?

  2. I did remember the Honda dealer telling me if I lost my keys, it could cost up to $2k to replace the whole unit because of the HISS and the related keys etc.
    Not sure if there are any alternatives that might be cheaper.
  3. Jamming a screwdriver in it might work. :LOL:
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  4. Ha ha thanks mate! What should I use a 3mm or 6mm blade? I'm thinking a 6 will give me more leverage! :)
  5. Thanks dude. Still On-going...2K seems ridiculous given the re-sale value of the bike...like 20% or something...Wow!
  6. there is a banner ad on this site, it comes up sometimes on the top, and states they can re-key and encode and all those other immobiliser type things, give them a call

    PS: are you the same OzCharlie that bought my jacket?

    edit: hey, i found the banner: http://carmoelectronics.com.au/
  7. Yeah mate, thanks. I'll give them a go.

    This is for my missus bike, I can't believe the quotes we've been getting.

    The jacket is going great, love it! My girlfriend is a lot happier since I ditched my old blue one though I feel bad for leaving it in the wardrobe. It's saved me a few times over the years!

    Did you manage to get your size sorted?
  8. yeah, got the size 52 that Friday, fits perfect with the back protector and the liner taken out, i just have to loose half a size before winter so i will be able to put the liner back in.

    good luck with the bike