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2010 Buell Blast

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by f883, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. ...............................................

  2. I'm so confused, because it looks to me Buell spent a lot of money to make fun of one of their own motorcycles?
  3. I think the key is the bit where he says' not inovative'
    Like they don't want anything to do with boring bikes.
  4. To me its actually represents a very clever marketing strategy that says Buell was this but now it wants to be something else.

    They are making a simple statement and being open and honest (which very few companies are) and following the global financial crisis something that consumers want from a company. By trashing one of their own bikes they are saying we have changed, we have recognised this old bike was not good enough and look what we are doing now!! We are now innovative, sporty and unique.

    I think Buell has allways been unique but this is just a marketing exercise bringing that uniqueness to the public in a uniquely Buell way.
  5. Dunno what you're complaining about, it's a big improvement.
  6. I agree it is a clever little marketing ploy they are trying didn't work for me though.

    Good marketing makes you desire the product, this makes me think Buell have been making mistakes for many years!

    I've actually ridden an 1125 and i actually didn't mind it, brakes left something to be desired though.