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2010 bmw f800st

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by bcg, May 27, 2010.

  1. Delivered today

    It's been an interesting run of crap bikes for me over the past 18 years:

    Started with a home built dexxon (anyone remember these?), KV100, CB250, Z250, MVX250F, ZZR250, CT110 -> F800ST


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  2. I reckon these are about the best all round bike on the market, nice ride.
  3. I deem this a successful new bike thread.

    -brief summary because he's too busy getting acquainted his new toy to be frigging around on the internet

    nice bike Bcg!
    enjoy :)
  4. Hmm... I test rode the BMW F800R after being completely dead-set on the F800S for almost a year. It was actually rather disappointing... I'd love it as a second bike, but not as a one and only or the main bike to ride. The power input didn't really.. come across? I just didn't feel I had the power that I'd need to get out of a sticky situation or to have some fun.

    I know it was there... but it didn't feel it. It was almost disappointing. I came back to the dealership without a stupid smile on my face... Is the F800ST much different from the F800R model??

    Sexy bike nonetheless!
  5. To me it rides like a great big 250.

    It's no superbike.
  6. Very nice choice I must say, this bike is on my shortlist for when I get off my P's. An excellent all rounder from what I've heard. To be honest I'm a little jealous.
  7. For many people that's a positive, not a negative :)
  8. I don't want a superbike, just wanted a responsive bike.

    I'll have to test ride the F800ST in November or so when I'll be looking to upgrade. Maybe even sooner. Maybe I'll just ride one next time I'm at a dealership with one there... Is Frasers the only one with them? (Sydney)
  9. Yep. Me included and my money is certainly where my mouth is.

    It does go when you open it up (to 5k rpm at the moment - still running in), it just doesn't have the zing in pickup that some other bikes have. I'd say that is due to the ridiculously flat torque curve that this bike has. Again, I see this is a plus. It behaves similarly across the rev range and therefore generally across the 0 - 110kmh mark. I'm no track day superstar. I want 2 day a week commuter and a 1 day a week tourer. And I don't want to replace it for 10 years.

    Brakes are very, very good.

    On the highway it does buffet more than I expected. I have seen this criticism elsewhere and the fix is a bigger windshield which I might get before doing a Melb to Sydney run.

    And yes the blinkers are a pain in the arse. Still trying to get used to them...
  10. that is a sweet looking bike. I really like the 800ST, I had a sit on one at launceston BMW when I was in tassie a few weeks back....it is on the top of my list when I look to upgrade next march.
    I have heard the brakes are excellent on them....did you get the ABS?
  11. Yeah. I would feel silly buying a BMW without ABS :)

    $1265 option!

    The deal I got:

    $18766 included ride away:
    a percent off the finance.
    au spec bike (computer, pannier mounts, led lights, etc), abs, tire pressure monitor and first service included.

    They keep adding the options as standard each year. Providing the dollar doesn't get hammered against the euro too much you might see either panniers or abs as stock after christmas. Guess but it seems logical if you look at the options being added as stock over the past 3 years.
  12. lowercase, I test road one about six months ago and I tend to agree that the power delivery isn't very exciting but it's definitely not slow. In many ways it felt just like a diesel to me but that's not necessarily a bad thing given its brief.

    It was probably one of the easiest bikes to just jump on and ride that I've ever come across. I'd love one for commuting duties.
  13. Congrats, sweet looking bike!
  14. I dumped a 1 year old Honda CB400 for one. The difference in handling characteristics is incredible. The fuel tank midships makes a difference. The beemer must be the easiest bike to ride. Cruises effortlessly with 2 up and more than keeps up with heavies in the local Ulysses - it just doesn't look that terrifying. I had to opt for the lowered suspension and seat to get my feet on the ground (@ 5'7" still a short-arse). Had to forfeit the centre stand but don't miss it. The standard side stand was so narrow it sank into any soft dirt so had to get an after-market attachment with a wider foot. Works well. Seats aren't what you would call comfortable for cruising - really need the Air Hawks. Looking at 25cm risres for the handlebars to get a more upright riding position for cruising - the short cables are a problem that I'm still looking to overcome. Would like something at the rear for the pillion to lean against - hard to ride long distances hanging on to the rack - any suggestions?
  15. I had an F800s a couple of years ago. Awesome torque through out most of the rev range, but nothing special at the top end like you get with a Jap 600. The brembos with abs are fantastic, but will need an akrapovic can to be safely heard on the road.

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  16. Interesting first post bring this back up from the grave.

    Pillion can hang onto you instead of the rack?
  17. I'm thinking of getting an 800 tourer off LAM's and been looking at these and a VFR800. Which would you guys pick? I'm leaning towards the Honda because of the price and the engine's reputation for doing 150,000+..
    Has anyone ridden one or the other (or even better, both) ?