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2010 Bandit 1250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by saba, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. ... goes Gladius droopy:


    On the plus side there's a touring version:


    ABS optional on both which is great.

  2. First impression is they look good. I wonder if the touring version is in the mould of the Yamaha FJR and Honda ST tourers or the more sporty Triumph Sprint and (I presume) new Honda VFR1200?
  3. It's exactly the same as every other Bandit, just with lower fairing and storage already installed.
  4. The tourer has a lot of appeal to me. Anyone got $15k lying around that they don't need?
  5. gsx16.

    All they did was take the fairing on the GSX650F and put it on the bandit.

    The 650F was MCN {uk} magazine sports touer of the year ,the bike should be called a GSX1250F ,and it will be 2010 sports tourer of the year.
  6. They have sold a tourer version similar to the above in the UK for the last 12 month. It's named Bandit GT.
  7. The UK version is put together by Suzuki UK and isn't an 'official' Suzuki model so I wouldn't be assuming that the name will be retained.

    Having said that I'm sure that Suzuki took their inspiration for this model from the UK only parts bin special.
  8. GSX1250FA
  9. well, both the bandit and GSX do share the exact same frame...

    i was talking about this a short while back with my Suzuki dealer and we both agreed that they should put a full fairing on the Bandit and couldn't understand why they haven't thus far...

    it looks great!! and if its around 15K then thats fantastic

    the sports tourers (GTR< FJR< ST) shit me to tears! what do you get for your 26 to 27 grand?

    heated grips? NO heated seat? NO cruise control? NO electric adjustable suspension? NO any sort of heating ergonomics for knees/toes? NO so what in the freaking hell are we paying an extra 10 to 12 grand for?

    an electric bloody windscreen? yes

    give me strength :roll:

    Suzuki have got this package right and will dominate the sales in this area.. watch the others try and play catch up :grin:
  10. Put a 25 litre tank and perhaps a shaft drive on the touring bandit, and then I'll call it a tourer.

    I'd probably buy it as well.
  11. Nakey doesn't look bad. I still prefer the old one though, pre-2000 had a nice frame shape for streetfightering. And the old engine whoops the new watercooled one.
  12. Are we likely to see the GSX1250FA in Australia?
  13. Has anybody heard anything on the full fairing tourer that is being marketed in Eurpoe Uk and Canada coming here?? Suzi web site just lists the naked and S models as the 2010 models... in grey only... they could corner the market with a bit of effort toward wider range and colour choice.
  14. Sorry to dredge up a new thread, but the GSX1250FA is now on Suzuki's website.
    I was looking at a Triumph Sprint ST 1050 ABS for the next bike, but this might be a better deal.

    Not quite the same;


    The GSX1250FA's fairing is a little bit wider to accommodate the larger engine, I think.

    RRP is $13,990
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  16. RRPs for similar bikes using redbook, tried to pick the ABS model where possible. You might disagree whether a particular bike belongs on the list; I just grabbed the bikes I know about that I consider "sports tourers" over 1000cc.

    Honda CBF1000F: $12,990
    Suzuki GSX1250FA: $13,990
    Yamaha FZ1-S: $16,499
    Triumph Sprint ST 1050: $16,590
    Kawasaki 1400GTR: $23,999
    Yamaha FJR1300A: $24,099
    Honda ST1300: $24,690
    Honda VFR1200F: $24,990
  17. I spoke to my local dealer today, $15,300 ride away. I think for that price I'd rather the Triumph.

    I was hoping it would be a little cheaper :(

  19. Except its not the same fairing. Look closely :)
  20. give it time and ring around.

    i got quoted between 13.5 and 10k ride away for a bandit N. hell id just buy that for 10k and put on luggage. also bought my buell for 3k less than the first quote

    new naked with abs $10.8k
    http://www.bikesales.com.au/all-bik...430 1429 1428 4294967268 4294962867&silo=1400

    brand new touring bandit 14k with abs
    http://www.bikesales.com.au/all-bik...430 1429 1428 4294967268 4294961331&silo=1400

    personally id get the N or S and luggage,heated grips, no abs and be done for under 12K