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2010 Annual Pink Ribbon Ride, 24.10.10

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by goz, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. What is the Pink Ribbon Motorcycle Ride?
    The Pink Ribbon Motorcycle Ride is a sponsored charity ride designed to enable the motorcylcing community of NSW to join together, enjoy a fantastic ride and raise money to help in the fight against Breast Cancer.

    How do we raise money?
    The ride raises money for charity in two ways.

    Riders and Pillions are charged a small entry fee for participating in the ride.
    Riders and Pillions are also encoraged to get family and friends to sponsor their participation in the ride

    Riders can register for the ride by filling in the Registration Form located on the registration page. Sponsorship forms are also available so that riders and pillions can start talking with friends and family to raise money for the cause. There is a prize awarded on the day for the participant who raises the most money.

    In 2009, the 9th annual Pink Ribbon Motorcycle Ride had a turn out of over 800 bikes and raised close to $45,000.

    In 2010, the 10th Anniversary Pink Ribbon Motorcycle Ride hopes to see over 1000 bikes and raise over $60,000.

    The 10th Pink Ribbon Motorcycle Ride will be held on Sunday 24 October, 2010.
    This years venue is:
    Club Marconi
    Marconi Plaza
    Bossley Park
    The ride will start at 10am with registrations opening at 9am.

    The ride will depart from Club Marconi with two checkpoints, where participants interested in the Trivia Challenge can pick up the Trivia questions.
    Drinks and amenities will be available at each check point.


  2. It doesn't exactly describe the route. Are you going?

    I will be doing Spring Cycle the week before and 7 Bridge walk the week after then Gong Ride the following week. It's full on.
  3. The route hasnt been decided, it was Picton last year, so could be the same
  4. Looks good, im interested, just lost a aunty to breast cancer so helping raise money would be good
  5. The route is Picton (official)
    Marconi - Warragamba Dam - Picton - Marconi

    I went last year, was a great day
  6.  Top
  7. That's what I said :D
  8. Update from the 2010 Pink Ribbon Ride Committee

    The route may be seen @:


    Dear PRR Supporter,

    We wish to advise that registration is now open for the 2010 Pink Ribbon Motorcycle Ride being held on Sunday 24th October, 2010 at Club Marconi, Marconi Plaza, Bossley Park.

    Next month will see the 10th Anniversary Ride circulating the beautiful roads of south-western Sydney. We have partnered with Westmead Breast Cancer Institute as our nominated charity and are very pleased to welcome Harley Davidson Australia as our major sponsor. We hope to make this special event the biggest yet and are planning for 1000+ bikes to join us on the day.
    Some exciting things are happening this year.

    The event is being supported by our favourite Wolverine - John Clinton, and World Endurance Champion - Warwick Nowland. John & Warwick are going to be leading the ride out of Club Marconi and have a spare seat on the back of their Harley Davidson's. Do you want to go on the ride, but don't have a motorcycle at the moment, don't ride any more, just don't want to ride on the day, want to give that special someone a surprise, or just want to treat yourself. Then If this sounds like you, then look no further. We are auctioning off their spare seats, so go to our website and bid to win your ride.

    And the excitement continues. Along side John & Warwick will be another celebrity, the sophisticated all round entertainer; Salvatore Coco of Heartbreak High, Police Rescue and Underbelly fame.

    So don't miss out on your chance to be part of this memorable event. Registration is available by visiting our website www.pinkribbonride.com , as is our selection of PRR merchandise. Simply register online or download a merchandise order form and start preparing. Early registration saves you time at the Club and if you’re in the first 750 registrations you will receive a commemorative 10 year anniversary badge to mark the occasion.
    We have a lot of fantastic prizes on offer this year and our major raffle gives you the chance to win a zippy scooter as well as vouchers, bike gear and heaps more.

    We know how many of you love to dress up and we’ll be rewarding the best dressed bike & rider and best dressed scooter & rider on the day and for all you trivia buffs we’ve come up with ten more questions to test your bike expertise.

    Check out the website at www.pinkribbonride.com and get your registration and payment in as soon as you can so you can start gathering the all important sponsorship from friends, family, colleagues, neighbours... anyone!

    The greatest sponsorship tallies will also win fantastic prizes and help us achieve our target of $60,000.

    Sponsorship is where you as the rider and the Pink Ribbon Ride can make a real difference. It has such an enormous impact on the services and support that the Breast Cancer Institute is able to provide for those whose lives are affected by cancer.

    We look forward to your company on October 24th.

    Kind regards,

    Pink Ribbon Ride Committee
  9. My old mans 50th the night before but if i aint hung over il get along to this for sure
  10. i would be very dissapointed if most Sydney siders didnt go, people think about themselves to much these days, this is a great cause and should be no excuse not to go :)
  11. Goz theres nothing in the ride and events callander for the nsw one theres only one for vic maybe you should put up in there too
  12. I did add it but admin is MIA, so who knows, hope people see this thread
  13. Kk im 99% sure i will be going
  14. If i get my bike this weekend, I'll be going for sure (trying to get the girlfriend to buy her bike as well in the next fortnight so we can ride it together!)..oh yeah and with Goz and any other netrider peeps!
  15. What a good idea! Can someone make sure their pillion takes a camera for those of us who can't make it?
  16. devo, if the gf is coming, it will be on her own bike, if not, no pillions on this L-plater unfortunately :( maybe i'll get her to bid in the pillion auction for the lead harley davidsons
  17. I'll be going, now to get some sponsorship money out of the tightar$es here at work.....](*,)
  18. Pillion dosnt need a camera, there will be plenty oh helmet and tank cameras
  19. "Yeah but everyone has them but noone posts the footage" </end goz rant>
  20. ///update - Good for the beaches area

    Hi everyone
    The time is growing nearer, so hopefully you have all been registering or have already registered for the 2010 Pink Ribbon Motorcycle Ride being held on Sunday 24th October, 2010 at Club Marconi, Marconi Plaza, Bossley Park. We are looking forward to it and hoping you are too.
    An update on what is happening.
    HART at St Ives are generously putting on a breakfast for riders attending the event from 7:00am until 8.30am with a sausage sandwich and a can of drink free for each person. They will also be giving everyone who turns up the chance to enter the draw to win a gift voucher for a HART course to the value of $200 and a T-Shirt each for second and third prize. So if you are out that way, head out a little earlier, call in for a yummy breakfast, put your name in to win the gift voucher, then head our way to the ride. What a way to start your day! HART are located at 451 Mona Vale Road, St Ives NSW 2075 (Opposite Showgrounds).
    We have been busily working with sponsors and have over 6,500 worth of prizes so far, with more to come. Don’t forget our major raffle prize too, which is a Sachs Amici Scooter valued alone at $2495+orc. Our volunteers will be selling tickets on the day so make sure you snap some up for your chance to win.
    Our celebrities are also getting excited about the event. We have Salvatore Coco from Heartbreak High, Police Rescue & Underbelly fame, John Clinton from the Wolverines and our two times World Endurance Champion - Warwick Nowland.
    Remember, John & Warwick have spare pillion seats on their Harley’s which are up for auction, so if you are interested, not just for yourself, but maybe as a treat for that special someone, follow this link and place your bid.
    Tex and Bundy “The Dog on the Bike” who travel 80,000kms each year raising much needed funds for charity will also be at the event. Why not, for a gold coin donation, get a photo with Tex and Bundy.
    So don't miss out. This event will be huge, and you never know, if we are lucky, there could be a special Sunday program there to broadcast the event.
    So get your pink gear out of hiding everyone, polish and/or dress your bikes up and yourselves and help us support this visually spectacular event raising money and awareness for Breast Cancer.
    We look forward to your company on October 24th.
    Kind regards,
    Pink Ribbon Ride Committee