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2010 600cc bikes pro's vs Cons

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by NWRAP, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Well I'm looking at taking the bikes listed below for a test ride once my hand has healed enough to grip the bars..lol

    This is my short list.
    2010 Kawasaki ZX6R
    2010 Triumph Daytona 675
    2010 Suzuki GSXR 600

    I'm sure there will be others but these are my top 3 at the moment(well today...lmao)

    I have read several shootout reviews on these bikes and have been impressed by what they have had to say about the ZX6R and the more I look at them the more I like them.

    I know the decision on what bike to get will come down to how they feel underneath me once I get out and ride them.

    The type of riding will be about 70% commuting and 30% weekend rides through various areas of our wonderful twisties :)

    What I was after was some opinions pro's vs Cons, things to look out for with these 3 bikes as all the technical talk is mumbo jumbo to me...lol
  2. new Gixxer6 coming out next year, it's mostly just new bodywork and a couple HP but you may want to consider holding off. otherwise, the bikes on your list are all pretty awesome. wouldn't want to be you right now, that's going to be a hard choice to make :)
  3. gsxr750 over 600?
  4. I have considered it among other bikes but the 3 listed are top of the list...for now :)
  5. the daytona has a better sounding engine note.
    the ninja must be due for an update too, is it?
    well anyway, if gixxers and ninjas have new models about to hit the shelves, you could save big dollars on a new superceded model, 2010 plated or whatever.
    negotiating a better deal on a daytona is just not going to happen.. if you don't want to pay the asking price, theres plenty of potential buyers who will to land one.
  6. I've ridden both the GSXR and 675. They are worlds apart.

    Handling on both of them is insane. They both look horn.

    The GSXR is great fun, but felt a bit gutless in the lower rev range for commuting (like you'd expect from the 600 supersport). I would be frustrated with it's low rev torque day to day.

    The Daytona has power on tap everywhere. It is a fantastic ride. So much fun. A lot has been said about this bike in other threads. See the stickies - [FLUX] has written an excellent review

    In my opinion, the only thing the GSXR has over the 675 is that it's more comfortable, with a slightly less aggressive posture.
  7. Thanks thats some good info :)
  8. Ive ridden both the Gix6 and the Ninja ZX6.

    GSXR600 was smaller and lighter, but felt like you had to wring its neck to get any power out (coming from an '03 R6!). Handling was sublime and it had a lot of confidence going into the corners. It just sat really well. At the end of the day though, it was too small size wise. Im 6ft/80kg. Tucking into the tank was difficult and the bike felt cramped and small.

    Ninja ZX6R felt bigger and much more comfortable, but still not bulky like some 1ks. It was a lot more powerful in all ranges, and the handling was definitely sharper. Not necessarily as... smooth as the GSXR, but quicker and very flickable without being scary like the R6. Instruments were sexy, bike looks modern (imho of course) as well. Price on the ZX6R was also cheaper than the Suzi, so there was just no reason not to get what I felt was the best bike. Rode out with a 2010 Ninja ZX6R in white for $12k.

    Never ridden the Trumpet, but things I always keep hearing: Aggressive posture and lovely sound.

    So yeh. Enjoy the test rides, and make sure you give them a good shot. And may I ask why you arent testing any 1k's? :p
  9. thanks for the info you have provided as someone who has tested both bikes.

    In regards to your question...I just haven't really thought about them to be honest.

    In the back of my mind I have this hesitation/fear about a litre bike, not sure why as Ive never hidden one...its going to be just as easy to blow the license on a 600

    I don't think there would be much difference in fuel economy between them.

    Insurance would be more expensive for the litre bike.
  10. Insurance always comes down to who you go with and your age/history. The biggest difference is litres costing more brand new (which I am assuming you are looking at).

    You are correct with fuel economy, although that depends on whether you regard 50-75km as much. Compared to a car, its probably not, and I would agree :p

    I was always of the mind 'who could POSSIBLY need a litre bike' and 'Ill kill myself!' but currently owning one; I will never go back to a 600. The common myth that its all wheelies and instant wheelspin is just wrong. The litres just seem to have it right; stability, massive power available in any gear when you want it for whatever reason; all the tech coming down from MotoGP seems to hit the litre bikes first, if it even filters down to the 600's at all (Kawi ZX6R forks is the only one that comes to mind). Its always up to the person in the saddle as to how you ride it; they are so, so very manageable and easy to ride. There is so much lazy power just sitting there you dont need to worry about that aspect at all. Just concentrate on the road and the ride, and when you make it to the twisties; power out!

    If you have much experience with riding; I so strongly recommend at least testing the 1000's.

    However; if you have experience with losing your license, do not get a 1k. They will be too tempting :p
  11. well I'm off to test ride a 2009 Kawasaki ZX6r in the morning...

    Still trying to get some rides booked in on the other bikes but it seems as no one has them around
  12. I managed 2.5k off an 1198S with very little real effort. A sale is a sale and if salesman A at dealer X won't play, leave your contact details and go speak to the next one. Make sure they know you are doing this and make sure you have a firm purchase date they are aware of.

    It can help to have $ lined up beforehand but not required as they make more when you finance through them anyway.
  13. well I have just got home after a brief but fun test ride of the following bikes.

    Kawasaki ZX6R & Honda CBR600RR.

    Both are fine machines and are both worthy of my dollars.

    Here is my quick observations:

    Kawasaki is nice to ride with a wide grip and comfortable seating position and seems to have good low down torque.

    rear sets would need to go to allow a little more leg room

    Honda was just as nice to ride however the bars are narrower and I just could not find my spot on the seat and every time I put the power on I slipped on the seat even when gripping with my knees.

    rear sets would need to go to allow a little more leg room

    Given that I have about $1000 difference in purchase price I need to decide what I like more as I have been quoted the $1000 mark for insurance for either bike
  14. If you're feeling you need more leg room on the 600's you should test ride some 1000's. More roomy and more power.
  15. Mmmmmmmm litres bikes.....
  16. 675 has a highish seat, how tall are you?
  17. picking up on of these on Thursday afternoon :)

    2010 ZX6R

  18. o_O Nice bike! That exact colour too?
  19. It won a ton of shootouts, that one thar.

    Good pick!