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200cc Vespa or Bolwell -convince me!

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Jemma, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. Vespa GT200

  2. Bolwell HD200

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  1. I am new to the scooter world (almost). I have done some homework and know that I need a 200cc to cope with the Canberra Parkways.

    The only real contenders seem to be the Vespa GT200 and the Bolwell HD200.

    What are the pros and cons of these machines :?:

    Is there another alternative :?:
  2. Duuuude, :-s
    You are so random :shock: :rofl:
    You bumped into our house, care to say gidday first? try here:

    GT200 vs HD200 is about $1500 different
    Go and test ride them. They are two different scoots, size, power, looks, build, totally different. After you ride them, you'll know which one is for you..
    Alternative? Try the GT250!!! GT200 has an "old" engine

    ok.. that will be $20
  3. OK thanks for the etiquette tip..

    Thanks for the etiquette tip.. I will read the instructions next time!!
  4. Jemma, had a HD200 for a short while. They have quite a high seating position on them. I am 6' 1" and it could handle the freeways easily and with the 16" wheels are very comfy and smooth. The new ones have front and rear disc brakes, so braking should be bit better than the disc and drum set up i had. Has a great headlight for night riding and you will be able to fit an open face helmet under the seat and thats it, will not take a full face. Fitted a top box and that eliminated that problem.
  5. Thanks for the advice.

    I think that I will have to road test them as I am only 5'3" which might restrict some of my options. I don't want to be a road statistic by buying a bike that I can not easily handle.

  6. woo hoo first vote...welcom abored!!! by the bowell only because its not a vespa
  7. I think you will struggle to put your feet down on the HD200 at only 5'3". But i may be wrong..
    Also have a look at the Gmax as another option.. :grin:
  8. But I have to say that I SO wish I'd got a realy big skoot 400 plus.
  9. Great advice. I am sure that that there is a whole heap of things that I will rapidly become and 'expert' at in regard to scooters. I will check back in when I have a few more questions.

    I will check at the G-Max although I don't think that my local dealer has them on the floor which is quite limiting.

    If none really work I will go back to the fuel efficient Giant road bike!!
  10. Bolwell Le Grand 200
    Bolwell Gmax 250
    Bolwell HD200
    Bolwell Firenze 250
    Aprilia Sport City 200
    Aprilia Sport City 250
    Aprilia Scarabeo 250
    Bug Orion 200
    Bug Hawk 250
    Vespa GT200
    Vespa GTS250
    Vespa GTV250
    Vespa PX200
    Piaggio Liberty 200
    Piaggio X8 250
    Piaggio XEvo 250 (dont know if this ones here yet)
    Piaggio Beverly 250

    They're just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. As you can see, there are a LOT of 200/250 scooters to choose from.

    You need to go to more than just the one dealer. Go look around. Narrow the list down by looks first, then when down to a few test ride them all.
  11. My Mum has an Aprilia Sportcity 200 which I've ridden and it's great for the money. It's also super reliable and dead sexy (for a scooter!) haha
  12. Godammit ! You got in before me....yes, the Sportcity is a good option for the vertically challenged among us.

    I personally found (speaking as a 'tall-y') it was like sitting on a bar stool....which was fine until I went over my first speed hump and felt like I was about to be launched over the handlebars. Hence I went for the 'lazy-boy' option and bought a Burgman.

    Different strokes for different folks I guess.
  13. Nothing personal, but at only 5 foot 3", you don't have a hope on a HD200. They are 800mm seat hieght which is tippy toes for a 5foot 8" rider like myself. Your gunna need 4 inch heels!

    What about the le grande? I know that these have a seat hieght of only 725mm which is about the lowest you can get on a scooter. My wife at 5foot 4" can touch the ground on both sides which is what you want for the weight of a 150 - 200cc scooter.

    If I was you, I'd be plonking your butt on seats and see what you can handle. I reckon the scooters with a seat height of around 720mm is what you will be looking for.
  14. I'm 5'3" & I've got an Aprilia Sportcity.

    A friend has a bug Orion 200cc & they seem good for us vertically challenged also.
  15. Yes there is another alternative! The Aprilia Sportcity 200cc is a fantastic scooter. I am absolutely in love with it and wouldn't ride anything else. It is not too heavy for me to manage (I'm only 60kg), has enough zip and acceleration to get me out of trouble fast, travels on the freeway at 100/110 kms with no trouble at all, has just taken me on a 3 day 1000 km ride over twisty roads and even handled an accidentally traversed rocky gravel road with no ill effects. Very economical on fuel and looks great. What more can I say? I am also new to the world of two wheels by the way, only got my L's in late August.
  16. I am shortish at 160cm (5ft 4) and different scoots have different seats and even at the same height some are ok others not. My beo 500 and hyosung rally have technically the same seat height but I can get both feet down flat on the Rally. The width of the seat and the narrowness of the foot placement as well as the amount of give when you sit all play a part. The seat hieght is the same (or similar too) a lot of vehicles and I sat on a m/c (GS500) the other day to compare and while I can reach the ground comfortably on the beo the gs was too tall, yet it had a seat height of 790. My advice is try it out first as you will be comfortable where some one else may not be.
  17. Hey there..

    m another 160cm gal sitting on my brand new Le Grande 200.. no problems with putting feet on the ground.. smooth riding wearin a pair of new balance sneakers.. better with my Colorado rubber sole shoes (slightly with the thick soles).

    but i nid sum lessons on stopping at road side n turn into foot path for parking.. haha.. yesterday i think i kinda leaned too much to my left (turning left) and i strained my left shoulder trying to lift the scoot up (144kg) a couple of times!!

    so if any expert here can give me sum pointers and lessons wud b greatly appreciated!!!
  18. Hey everyone,

    Just keep in mind that the Le Grand 200 and HD200 are actually 172cc engines, not 200cc.