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2009 ZX6 loses undertail exhaust..

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by removed-6, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. shame really imo best looking position for the exhaust, don't know how practical it is, but i still like it better then side exhausts.
  2. Hey, didn't you know that everyone is into mass centralisation these day :wink:
  3. Bugger, another of those UGLY oversized mufflers hanging off the side.

    How hard can it be to make a muffler that is both compact and nicely shaped.
  4. Now all we have to do is get away from this horrible Transformers styling and bikes can start to look good again!

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. It's more to do with the Euro3 and Euro4 regs than anything else. Quieter, with a catalytic converter, etc...

    I must say, I do like the KTM (RC8) under-engine muffler a lot, and the other attempts to disguise the volume of the muffler by hiding it under the engine aren't all that bad either.

    Definitely don't like the huge boxy mufflers being installed on the sides though. :(
  6. But hang on, this isn't Europe. Do you see Julie Andrews swinging down the hillside singing edelweiss as you scoot the spur. No, thought not.

    So why do we have to put up with they're asthmatic ugly POS mufflers.
  7. Well, this is true. In Australia our motorcycles don't have to comply with that strict a standard yet (in fact, Australian Tiger 1050s have a plain stainless-steel pipe where the catalytic converter is meant to be!).

    Probably cheaper to only set up one set of tooling for muffler mass-production. And hey, it's not like we can't replace 'em with aftermarket stuff anyway...
  8. +1

    Under tail exhausts look heaps better.
  9. The stock R6 ones are quite nice. the 08 cbr100rr has a stumpy can on the side and it made the tail and the bike short. the bike is prob shorter than the 600rr.

    I do like undertail zorst too. when you are behind someone with a undertail zorts single outlet, it looks like a big hole out of the rider's ar$3
  10. And that is why i don't like them.

    The mufflers with the exit before the rear wheel are by far the coolest. Buell underslung mufflers are a little big to be totally cool. Side mounted exhausts are still alright i reckon, especially twin, side mounted exhausts.
  11. You don't. Go buy an Akra, Micron, Yoshi........whatever tickles your fancy. :wink:
  12. i do like the undertail exhausts alot. that prob why i baught the 08 R1. i love the look of a dual undertail (goes and gets a towl)
  13. The question really is...why do we have to pay $1000 extra to get a decent looking/sounding muffler...it should already be supplied that way.

    Obviously, the MFG's/local distros aren't getting the message IMHO :wink:
  14. 1 bike and 1 bike only should always keep the undertail exhaust....

    DUCATI... 748/749/948/999/848/1098/Desmo and whatever other super/sportsbike i left out.
  15. It'd be nice if you had the option to buy the stock bike with or without zorst and get an aftermarket one fitted right out of the shop, without having paid for the stocker... Guess that'd get rid of the option of whacking the stocker back on for RWCs though...
  16. MV Augusta can keep their quad-pipe arrangement too, IMO. Sounds horn for a stock exhaust.