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2009 Yamaha XJ6SL Diversion

Discussion in 'Archived' started by PilgriM, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. It's time to sell my trusty LAM's steed...

    Price Drop!!!!!!

    2009 (bought in early 2011) Yamaha XJ6SL Diversion (LAM's)
    Colour: Red
    Capacity: 600cc
    Rego: 1C-7VK
    Rego Expiry: 16/04/2013
    K's: 15,000
    Warranty: 1 year 3 months remaining
    Price: $6800 Neg
    Location: Ringwood
    Contact Info: Chris on 0402 885 057 or cjshave@iinet.net.au

    Ventura rack
    Yamaha crash knobs
    Derestriction bracket

    Currently de-restricted, will be sold with restriction bracket fitted (need this for roadworthy).

    Good for someone looking for a larger capacity LAM's bike, selling as I am now off restrictions and am looking to upgrade to a larger bike.

    New tyres fitted approx 3000k's ago, Michelin Pilot Road 2.

    Will come with roadworthy & oil & filter changed at 15,000 ks

    Never crashed or dropped, in great condition, garaged & used for weekend riding plus some commuting to CBD.



  2. nice lookin bike,good luck with the sale
  3. Price drop: $7000
  4. Still for sale, a few details updated, k's now at 15000, oil & filter changed last weekend.

    PLEASE SOMEONE BUY, killing me to have to wait for upgrade :-(
  5. #5 kma_jg, Feb 14, 2012
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    Why don't you trade it in? Or do you need at least that much?
  6. I am getting close to trading in, wanted to try to get a bit more return on it but seem to be getting no-where with private sale.
  7. great bike at a good price i cant understand how you havent sold it !
  8. I too suprised you haven't sold it yet :(

    But what I really wanna know is what's on the horizon....:dance:
  9. Will be a Kawasaki Ninja 1000 :)

    I found a nice one second hand, but the guy is asking $14,000 for a 2011 with 3000ks on it, reg expiry in May, this bike is selling new for $15,500..

    Allowing for transfer fee & rego, the second hand one will come too $15,000 by May.

    So long as the PS dealer hits the right price, I will be trading in this week.
  10. Arghh, ended up agreeing to the trade-in over the phone, told this too the guy selling second hand & he then drops a grand from the price, left with two options.

    10k out of pocket & bike traded in

    13k for bike, continue to sell mine, ideally ending up at around 6k out of pocket..

    decisions decisions....
  11. so only 3k for your bike? fark kernell..
  12. Hmm my explanation wasen't good,

    $15,550 for bike with Ventura rack, $10,000 changeover, my bike traded in.


    (now) $12,500 for second hander, with my bike still for sale..
  13. Still for sale..

    Rego is up in early April, so if I don't renew it I am willing to negotiate on price..

    I now own two bikes, ONE HAS TO GO...
  14. Happy to talk in the 6.5k range without rego renewal (due in April), if I renew the rego its back around the 7k mark...
  15. Price drop too $6800, will come with 12 months rego, is going to be paid in the next week or so...
  16. Mate I am surprised this is still up for sale..
  17. Yah, had a few low-ball offers, but I'm not in any rush..

    Keep getting people from interstate, just need someone in Victoria to take a shine to it...
  18. wahey, well done matey :)
  19. hey congrats, that took alot longer then I thought it would, damn nice looking bike too.
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